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This mod replaces the so called "Classic Lara" outfit with the real TR1 Lara model

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The very first proper mesh mod for Tomb Raider: Anniversary.

That weird official Classic Lara outfit has now been replaced to the actual TR1 Lara model.

This mod wouldn't have been possible without the help of TheIndra, who is also the person who worked on the TRAE Hook, that has a lot of functionalities.

NOTE: The mod is NOT perfect, and has some little issues like the arms dismembering from the body when Lara is crouching or doing other actions. This cannot be fixed at the moment.

Also, the model in the outfit selection has not been replaced because it looked dark and weird. Will try fixing that in the future.

1) Install TheIndra's TRAE Hook from his Github: TRAE Hook by TheIndra

2) Unpack the downloaded .7z file containing the .drm file.

3) Create a folder at the root of your disk \TRAE\units on which the game is installed for example D:\TRAE\units and add the .drm file in there.