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Heavy objects are not reccomended for adventures.

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I personally always hated Lara's shotgun always being on her backpack, so I made a mod to remove it. All this mod does is to modify the mesh file of the shotgun so that the vertex and polygon count is changed to zero, so nothing is rendered.

You can use this mod with TheIndra's fantastic TRAE Hook which allows to load DRM files on-the-fly, without the need to repack them back in the bigfiles.

What the hook does is it basically checks for DRM files in a specific directory. If it finds a DRM file there, it will load that one instead. The rest is all read through the bigfiles as normal.

Following is TheIndra's GitHub for the hook. It's available for TR Legend, Anniversary and Underworld. Progress is being made and the page contains full instructions and explanations on what you can do.

Download and unzip the downloaded file, then drag and drop shotgun_rbweapon.drm inside YourDrive/trae/units.

TRAE Hook by TheIndra