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Replaces Lara's character model with Ada Wong's with multiple outfits

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Replaces Lara's character model with Ada's. Included outfits:

Default - RE4 Remake Default
Hunter - RE4 Remake Dress
Aviatrix - RE4 Remake Undercover
Guerrilla - RE:Verse Flared Shirt
- RE2 Remake Coat
Demolition - RE:Verse Still Kicking
Sure-Shot - RE4 Dress


Unpack the .7z file and copy paste patch.000.tiger and patch2.000.tiger in your game's directory (Ex. D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Tomb Raider)


aman - Tomb Raider 2013 Mesh Modding Tools
Irastris - Tomb Raider 2013 Blender 2.8+ Add-on
alphaZomega - RE MESH Noesis Plugin, Tomb Raider 010 Templates

xBaebsae - Ada Wong - Resident Evil 6 Outfit
(Received permission from them to use their body mesh for this mod, thank you xBae!)


Blender 3.1.2
010 Editor


- The hair shader has some problems. Sometimes the hair acts in a weird way when Lara is under some of the cave water passageways. Also, Ada will look as if she's bald when the background has a lot of alpha transparency objects. This happens because this is a 2023's character model ported in a 2013 game, and the game is just not designed to handle such detailed hair meshes.

- Some characters will use some of Ada's textures. For example, Sam will use the same eyelash texture as Ada. This happens because a lot of objects in the game use the same textures that Lara uses as well, and there is currently no way to fix this (or, most likely, never).

- There might be some issues where the game loads different textures and/or detail maps that weren't supposed to be there. I heavily tested this mod in the entire game and tried to fix as many of these issues as I could, but I cannot 100% guarantee that it will not happen. If anything like that happens, you either have to reload the checkpoint or close the game and run it again. If you get this kind of issue, please DM me with screenshots of the texture issue, and I might be able to fix it.