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Patch provides updated, high quality models of Lara Croft, based on Tomb raider Turning Point trailer.

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The patch's purpose is to make Lara look more like her promotional appearances, based on Tomb raider Turning Point trailer ( intro of the game).
It provides a more seamless immersion of pre-rendered intro visuals with gameplay itself. The patch features additional iconic outfits that represent every Tomb Raider era!
Play as Survivor Lara, see how her outfit gets damaged trough gameplay as she gets trough tough Yamatai environments. Her wounds will open again, after she gets hurt, its not random like in vanilla version, her makeup gets dissolved as the game progresses. 
If you have a DLC you can also enjoy additional outfits such as Classic Lara, Legend Biker Lara, Angel of Darkness camo Lara. 
( Those outfits are replacing original DLC's : Aviatrix, Guirella and Hunter, other  DLC outfits ARE NOT playable with this patch).
The default Lara models do not have any bugs and you can play the game from the beggining to an end. The DLC's outfit are having occasional texture problems when Lara gets dirty or wet, its nothing serious though.

I would Like to thank my dear friend Dmitry Kim for teaching me everything I know about TR2013 modding, helping me and supporting me during the long process of Turning Point's creation.
Thanks to Aman for giving me an opportunity to mod this game, without him, It wouldnt have been possible!

This mod is a form of a non profit fan-art. Tomb Raider and Lara Croft belongs to Square Enix.