Tomb Raider II
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Replaces the "shorts" of the classic Bomber Jacket outfit for The Golden Mask expansion levels.

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Replaces the standard "shorts" of the classic Bomber Jacket outfit, with long pants for Tomb Raider II The Golden Mask levels.

...Installation for The Golden Mask expansion...
(Back-up original files before replacing.)

 There are currently multiple methods used for installing The Golden Mask expansion due to the unavailability of an official digital distribution version. Install the level.TR2 files as is done for TR 2, but instead, install in the "data" folder that resides inside whichever folder your "t2gold.exe" lives. This is where the original Golden Mask level#.tr2 files should be found.

( Copy/paste, or drag/drop the .TR2 level files that you wish to use from the included level folders, into your
The Golden Mask "data" folder, and allow overwrite of the originals that you backed-up.)

 Copy/paste, or Drag/drop the back-ups into the Tomb Raider II/The Golden Mask "data" folder. Allow overwrite.

 These files are not compatible with "old" save game files. Please see the included Read-me file for details.

Although I seem [9-2018] to continue to have issues with the popular Peixoto's Patch regarding Xinput (which I believe was supposed to have been addressed [3-2018]), I ran some quick tests with the Patch, and my files were successfully loaded in to the game utilizing my install instructions, and also through Peixoto's Patch's "mod management" method. Either way should work.

 You are welcome to use any contained assets that were created solely by me, providing proper credit is given in your file description and readme file. Anyone using my assets from your files, should do the same.


Celtic Guard
Nexus Staff

Do not upload these files.

Thank You- H.M.