Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge

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Custom Skins support. a collection of Aprils i wanted to make, based upon Mirage, 2003, the first movie, Rise, and Howard & Nester

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Still makin these.  here's a bunch of Aprils.  at first i wasn't sure i could come up with enough for a pack, but eventually I made more than I intended to (and already have some more ideas...)

So this time around we've got monochrome and colorized Mirage, two versions of Nobody, an outfit sort of from the first movie, Rise April (with some green weapons, i haven't seen the show myself, hopefully the way I did it makes sense?), my previous 2003 mod, and one based a bit loosely on her appearance in a Howard & Nester comic.

in the process of making these, i did some further fixing and separation on April's sheet, so that's included as an optional file too. i keep finding more errors, so there's probably more yet, sorry.

as usual, frozen sprites are probably not changed. some of the enraged ones too, probably. no disrespect is intended with these color shifts, sorry that Rise April currently reverts to default when frozen etc.

manual method:
to use this, decompress the archive and pick one file, and rename it to AprilTexture.png

go to the folder TMNT\Content\2d\Animations\Players\April

put the file you renamed in that folder
rename AprilTexture.zxnb to something else (add a .old or .bak or something
and you can rename it back later to revert to standard)

Custom Skins method:

install both of these

unzip to the mods folder

enjoy, hopefully