Titan Quest Anniversary Edition
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More Exp (x2, x5, x8, x10) + Loot Plus

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If what you need is to farm xp to be able to beat the boss with whom you have stuck, this mod can help you.

Morexplus is a combination of Loot Plus and various experience modifiers.

- Multiplies in many ways the amount of experience obtained for each kill.
- Increases the chance of getting rare loot from chests, monsters, and bosses.

Includes four variations to use as you like and a nonsense bonus to keep you in the habit:

  • x2exp_lp
       Experience gained x2
       Loot Plus

  • x5exp_lp
       Experience gained x5
       Loot Plus

  • x8exp_lp
       Experience gained x8
       Loot Plus

  • x10exp_lp
       Experience gained x10
       Loot Plus

Bonus for desperate people:

  • x10exp_x10spa_lp
       Experience gained x10
       Spawn rate x10
       Loot Plus

How to install and run

  1. Extract the files to "Documents/My Games/Titan Quest - Immortal Throne/custommaps", if the custommaps folder doesn't exist, you can create one.
  2. Every time before loading game:
  3. - Select Play Custom Quest at the main menu.
    - Create a character, this will only be used as a mold to execute the mods, you will not need to play with it.
    - At the bottom right you can see the variants of the mod, select the one you want to use and press Start.
    - The map will not load and will return you to your main character with an error message that we will simply ignore by pressing Ok.
    - At this moment the mod will be loaded correctly and ready to use, press the button to continue your game and enjoy!