Titan Quest Anniversary Edition
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kalyan and N0drak aka Garfield

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Rework of the ShopMI map by kalyan working with the Atlantis DLC

Permissions and credits
First of all, i highly recommend you to use the steamworkshop mirror.

New version of the old and famous ShopMI map.
Due to the Atlantis DLC the old map was no longer functional, so I decided to create a new functional version of the map with some additional merchants and added some missing elements like the warlord´s helm or the quiver of N'lmh. In the future I will also add the rare monster items from Ragnarök and Atlantis.

Important: You have to use a character that was created after the Atlantis DLC was released to get correct access to all merchants (empty shop inventory) !

I just did the rework so all credits of the original map and the idea belong to Kalyan.
(I didn´t change the music due to nostalgic reasons :) )

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If you want some specific Items for the next update or if you have some good suggestions just write it down or start a discussion and i´ll try to add them in the next version. Same counts for bugs or other improvements. (Due to the amount of new MI´s in the DLC´s and my lack of time, i can´t put them all at once into the map.)

Added in 4.1:


- Blacksteel Set (Armor + Weapons)
- Trueshot Bow
- Deep Sea Trident
- Einherjar's Fate
- 1-Hand Throwing Weapons (Machae / Maenade / Skeleton / Einherjar)


Added new Ragnarök Affixes

- Berserker (Boost attack lower defense) melee weapons only
- Stone (Boost defense lower speed) torso only

Added in 4.1.1:

Added new Atlantis Affix

- Tinker (additional relic slot) all legal items

Additional Information:

All items are fully legit and can be dropped in game (see exceptions below).
Items are generated using exactly the same affix tables as in main quest,
so no wrong affixes on items here (like sacred rings, etc).

* AFAIK Revenant Greaves and Ismene's Helm can't be dropped in game due to developer's
mistake. They exist in database though, so decide for yourself are they legit or not. (Maybe fixed within the newer version of the game)

Betrayer suffix isn't drops in game since IT, so it's not legit. Though some players use
weapons of the Betrayer from pre-IT time. Decide for yourself if you need such items or not.

Installation guide:
Drop the extracted folder into your "X:\XXX\Documents\My Games\Titan Quest - Immortal Throne\custommaps" folder