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Title: The Medallion

Game: Thief 3 - Deadly Shadows

Author: Lametrie

Version: 1.3

Short Description:

Garrett wants to obtain a medallion to impress his new lovey.


"Ran Robey runs a profitable rug store in town. He got crafted a necklace with a rare medallion at it for his wife. She is a beauty, so she don't need that Medallion! I on the other hand need it to impress the new barmaid at the Red Lion Inn. She suites me to the ground and loves the shining things, so I need that medallion!"

Garrett has a short night to obtain the medallion to impress his new lovey.

This is my very first mod for Thief 3 and it was a bit work to get and keep things working but I got it round at last :D


No ! gnartsch solved the problem with the objectives not showing up, many many thanks for that! (post #10 at

But if there are more bugs, please let me know!

To play the game:

To run this mod, place the zip file at a place you like, install the T3SneakyUpgrade_1.1.2.1 (find infos about it here:, run the FM selector, find The Medallion, install it an play.

The Sneaky Upgrade worked best for me but there are other fan mission loaders such as the GarrettLoader ( or the Thief Fan Mission Manager (


1.0 Initial release
1.2 updating zip file and misc.sch to get objectives and correct safe file name
1.3 adjusting the lightning


A million thanks to Komag for the KomagTutT3 Thief Editor Tutorial. I couldn't have done that without it!

And many many thanks to gnartsch from the ttlg forums for solving the objectives problem!

And many thanks to snobel for the Sneaky Upgrade: Unofficial patch for Thief 3 without I would not be able to present a playable mod!

And of course many thanks to Eidos and Ion Storm for a wounderful game!