They Are Billions
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Boost units and buildings to make the game easier

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Important: this mod is only works for game version 1.1.4 x64 and is tested only in gog version. If you need a custom versión of this mod for your versión, you can do it yourself following this steps:

The mod changes unit and building parameters to make the campaign much easier even on maximum difficulty.

- All player units have 50% more hp
- All units have increased damage by approximately 10%.
- All units have increased range by 1 point except the sniper that is duplicated.
- Rangers and soldiers do not cost food or workers to create.
- The 2 heroes do 50% more damage, have a little more range and move twice as fast.
- All buildings have their resistance increased x10 except defensive buildings that have been multiplied x100
- The CommandCenter increases the build range and vision x20, generates 3000 food and has lots of storage spaces.
- All houses generate double gold, citizens and workers.

If you think the mod destroys the game because it takes away the difficulty, you're right. You can follow the steps at and make your own changes.