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Have you ever said "I want to be an Astronaut when I grow up!" Well you don't have to grow up! With this mod you can stand in front of your classmates and be the Teacher. Or maybe watch to much Rambo and ACTUALLY join the Military.

This mod allows teens and children to have access to all careers as the youngadult/adult has.
For teens; open the phone and apply for a job and all the careers will be listed. And for children open phone and open "After School Activity."
If your sim is in a career and still in school download MMC and press on any computer, open MMC Cheats and find the option that allows children and teens to quit school.

INSTRUCTIONS: download 7zip as WIN-RAR and win-zip cannot unpack .7z correctly. Unpack to "C:\Users\#\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods"

This mod was just to not keep on opening the cheats and enter the career command. I did allow NPCs to apply to jobs themselves but sometime there would be a crash and NPCs would go missing. So I deleted that bit.
Also I found it disturbing that children were adoption officers.

Maybe someday I will allow it to be possible for everyone to do everything. But right now my fingers hurt from typing this description and I'm using mobile data.