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Vampires will lose no or less friendship points from Uncontrollable Hissing weakness.

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Updated/Still Working: 1st August, 2022
Patch notes can be viewed here: Patch Notes

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This mod allows your Vampires to uncontrollably hiss all they want without any friendship loss OR just lose less friendship points so it's not so overwhelmingly difficult to makes friends and/or keep relationships up as a hissing vampire.  

This use to be a mod that just removes the friendship loss completely, but someone mentioned on the post about the weakness being neutralized and wondering what the point of having the weakness then was.  So now I have added another version that reduces the amount of friendship you lose when you hiss.

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Open the .zip file. Place the mod .package file into your Mods folder. For most users it will be in Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods.

Note 1: .package files can be up to five folders deep inside your Mods folder. While .ts4script files can only be up to one folder deep inside your Mods folder.

Note 2:  When adding/updating/deleting mods, always delete your localthumbcache.package file located in your Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4 folder.


This mod tunes the following and will conflict with any mod that tunes the same file(s):
Action Tuning: loot_Weaknesses_UncontrollableHissing_React


No Friendship Loss version:
           <T n="amount">-5</T>
           <T n="amount">0</T>

Less Frienship Loss version:
           <T n="amount">-5</T>
           <T n="amount">-2</T>