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Added: 13/09/2017 - 05:46PM
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Includes the files for Fallout 4's "House of Tomorrow", as well as the texture replacer needed for the outside tile walls (otherwise the walls will be green). As a bonus, it includes Fallout themed posters.

Note: I unknowingly edited a poster that requires you to level up the political career before being unlocked. You can do that, or you can find and download the mod that unlocks everything found here:

Note 2: Shaun's room is as it should be in the download. Ignore my pictures that contain 2 beds. Those were added after I created the "HoT" template to cater to my own game.

Note 3: I'm aware that the default house has white walls on the inside. I based the interior walls in this build on a retexture I have in Fallout 4 which I think makes it look more homely.

Note 4: I wanted to back up this lot to my external but realized I had deleted the .rar file I made. I came here to redownload it just for my antivirus to kick in and delete my own file. I've never had this happen before, but I assure you there is no virus. I had to disable Windows Defender in order to download the .rar and extract it.