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A pack of wands and recolors, it also have a shop edit to add the wands there.

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This CC pack will add 19 wands coming from final fantasy, skyrim and TLOZ + a lot of recolors.
The wands are: Alkalurops, Budding Maple Wand, Shire Crook, Truth Seeker, Daedric Dagger, Dragon Staff, Staff of Magnus, Wabbajack, Nightseeker, Sanguine Rose, Meteor Rod, Blizzard Rod, Thunderstorm Rod, Fire Rod, Ice Rod, Lightning Rod, Skull Wand and Guardian Wand. All can be found in the magic store or the misc section of activities and skills using bb.showhiddenobjects.
It also change the magic store to show the new wands there and make show more wands each day. The duel rewards are also changed to make sure you will have the new stuff by gameplay.

There's 4 colors for each plant wand based on seasons and 2 colors of the daedric dagger (normal red light and blue light).
25 colors of Wand of The Sylvan Forest,  25 colors of Wand of the Forgotten, and 19 colors of Wand of The Elementals, including the game ones.

The hexagons in the image are the "Floating display" because almost all wands have some problems with the ground, so it will float and don't have anything to glitch in. It's on the downloads tab if you want. It have 6 colors and 24 swatches.

In case you don't like something, both files can be separated with sims4studio, note that the small wands (ice, fire and lightning) require their bigger ones to work. The magic store may glitch too(probably will just show something empty or nothing at all).
The wand display also use the cyan one as base to all others, but I'm not sure if it's required.


- It fit quite well in the sim hand (even weird ones like Shire Crook) but WILL pierce in the ground.
- The model is quite high poly comparing the game ones(the game is usually close to 200 poligons while this ones are 2000~4000, the same as something like a couch), if it is taking too much time to appear on your sim hand, it's probably your pc loading it, but it's usually not a problem if you run in medium graphics.
- All textures was changed a bit to make it maxis match but without losing important details or quality.
- The daedric dagger, the Wand of Magnus and the Dragon Wand have some seams, I tried my best but can't fix it completly since even the original ones are like that
- Some wands was slightly changed so it can fit the sim hand.
- A lot of those are staffs changed to wand, so they may not look 100% wands.

 Update 2:
- Fixed all normal maps, now you should feel some stuff a bit more 3d.
- Added 8 new wands: Meteor Rod, Blizzard Rod, Thunderstorm Rod, Fire Rod, Ice Rod, Lightning Rod, Skull Wand and Guardian Wand from Zelda BOTW. They all are added to the store and rewards too.
- Fixed a lot of models having very ugly model effects, like the budding maple wand and alkalurops.
- Balanced the store, it now will show all recolors (Recolors means only the EA wands with new colors) but with a very small chance, more chance for others + bugfixes like missing blue daedric dagger.
- Fixed duel rewards, now they are more balanced too. Recolors will not appear on perk bonus.
- Added compatibility between all magic displays, now it's 6 colors (Red, blue, green, yellow, cyan and pink)
- Fixed wands not allowing you to leave it in the ground.
- Probably something more that I've forgot...

 Update 1.1:
- Added Sanguine Rose
- Added Nightseeker
- Now you can buy all wands in the Magic Realm, they are hidden in the buy mode now but can be visible with bb.showhiddenobjects
- You now can get all wands by duel.
- Because of the large amount of wands, the store now have 5 wands each day, instead of 3.
The EA recolors had over 60 variations and was spamming the shops, so it's
only obtainable by duel, like the original ones. But still a low chance,
got one in 3 duels.
This update may conflict with any mod that changes specifically the duel loot (generic and artifacts) and buyable
content on the wand shop.

If you have issues, bugs, want me to make a wand or anything, just comment or PM me.