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When I graduated in high school and I entered for the first time in that classroom. I will never forget that face .. that angelic aura she had around her, her beautiful eyes , her looking at me curious to see who was the student that was late at class. I could not believe my eyes , I stood there like an idiot almost and watched her , because I was feeling things that I never believed  I would feel. At the same time I was shocked , I could not understand it what it was that made me look at her so much. What was so special about her. She immediately made her presence known with her quick answers, her perspicacity and her logic .. she was astonishing, even the teachers were impressed with her. I, on the other hand , I never liked school , I was.. what you call a slow learner.. I wanted to be like her ,
she was a fast thinker , she used to answer some questions by asking another ones and always finding solutions to any problems , she was a genius and she was
an artist as well. I was watching her from far away.. because I never believed she would even wanna’ be friends with someone like me let alone be in love with
me. Years have passed and she moved to another high school and all I had left was the regret that I will always have…   You know.. there’s a saying  “ men have the duty to try “  I guess back then I wasn’t  man enough. I could not find her on any social media , so I had to create her by the image that I still have in
the back of my head. I don’t know if she will ever see this but it doesn’t matter life must go on. Because of intimacy reasons and respect towards that person , I decided to give a fictional name to my sims, enjoy.

The default installation directory for the files should be :  C:/documents/electronic arts/thesims4/tray

Disclaimer : " I use animation mods but it should not interfere with my character creations.