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Familiar Additions provides a framework to modders that enables them to add Realm of Magic familiars to the game easily and without conflicting with other mods that add their own familiars.

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Do not bundle the Familiar Additions script with your custom familiars. Provide a link instead as it will make it easier for users to have the most recent version.

Familiar Additions is also available on ModTheSims!

Familiar Additions provides a framework that allows the addition of fully functional, and standalone, familiars to The Sims 4: Realm of Magic without relying on conflict prone tuning overrides. Instead, it injects modded familiars into the game through a tuning containing the required data that the mod author provides.

  • This mod provides a mean to add standalone familiars to the game. It will not do anything on its own.
  • Mods that add standalone familiars require this mod in order to function unless the mod author specifies otherwise.

There are 3 files available for download currently:
  • Familiar Additions' main script file (required).
  • Familiar Additions' custom familiar guide and TDESC for modders.
  • The Red Fairy familiar made using Familiar Additions (optional).

This mod requires the Realm of Magic Game Pack in order to function.

Extract MAL22_FamiliarAdditions.ts4script file from the main archive. Then, drag and drop the file(s) in the mods folder of The Sims 4.

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