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Randomly add npc skills, gameplay traits, phone covers, fame, diplomas, occult level and more.

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Exactly what the name says, this mod will randomize all npcs with random stuff, so you aren't the only sim with traits, skills and everything else.

How it work:
- It only affect NPCs. (except the ones that is marked in the map as played, you can disable it to let the mod randomize.)
- It's all randomized, the amount of skills to the level of it, (also gameplay traits, phone covers and more)I tried to make it balanced making common skills more common to get and specific skills more rare + not giving all npcs high level skills, but we are talking about probabilities here, so...
- It randomize game skills and hidden skills, mods would need to be added. (You can request)
- There's some exception to the randomness: sims randomized when vampires will have vampire lore, sims randomized as Selvadorada residents will have culture skill and sims randomized when found in the bowling lot will have bowling skills. (all sims can have it, but those WILL have it, at least a bit)
- Everyone and everything will be randomized, so if a sim already have skill it may disappear, it may be smaller, may be bigger and may stay the same, who knows.
- It happens only once. If the sim is a toddler, it will happen again when it age to child and again as teen since they have different skills.
- The sim need to appear in the map to be randomized and may take a little while to apply.
- All gameplay traits can be randomized, from the buyable ones, the ones from rewards, fears and more.
- All diplomas can be randomized, they have the lowest chance possible, yet, they may be kinda common.
- Fame is very rare. Very famous sims will automatically have a random reputation.
- Lifestyles simply don't work with the randomization without giving you a Last Exception thingy, so... no randomized lifestyles.
- Occults also have randomized XP. Important sims like the spellcaster sages have max XP.
- Npcs can have custom phone covers but I had to change all cover traits for this to work and remove the "change phone cover" animation.
- Sims can have some star wars faction reputation, but it's extremely rare (1% for each faction)
- Toddlers and child only have randomized skills.
- All DLC stuff are in this mod but you don't need all dlcs to use this mod.

I tested it for a while and it was just fine, if you add a npc to your family, make sure you have waited a bit, the skills take a minute to show up.
If you remove the mod and put again, everything will be randomized again.

I haven't noticed the game getting any heavier, maybe a bit after a loading, but your save file may get bigger with the new data.

Update 2.2:
- Added Horse Ranch skills and horse skills.

Old Updates:

You can force the current sim to be randomized with this cheat:
For teen~adults full randomization: sims.add_buff FakePikachu_NPCSkills_Trait/4276114339
For adult and child skills: sims.add_buff FakePikachu_NPCSkills_ChildSkills/1290062162
For toddlers: sims.add_buff FakePikachu_NPCSkills_ToddlerSkills/989450134

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