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Tiny Living murphy bed no longer able to kill your sims

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I saw icemunmun's NO DEATH - MURPHY BED mod and instantly downloaded it.

This bed is lethal. It breaks every night and 9/10 times you want to put it down it fails and you have an almost equally high chance of death trying to pull it down.

I couldn't get icemunmun's mod to work in my game. I'm not sure why, so I went into Sims 4 Studio and edited the tunings for myself. I see this mod as essential so I needed to get it working!
I also wanted to go a bit further from icemunmun's version, to something I wanted personally.

My version removes the possibility of failure all together, therefore at the same time making death from Murphy Bed impossible.

It used to also reduce the chance of the bed breaking. I have removed this feature, as EA have altered how quickly the beds break, making my changes basically redundant.

Catalogue Details:
The bed can still be found in the bed catagory, and the price is also unchanged.

This affects both versions of the Murphy Bed (Love Seat/No Love Seat)

May conflict with mods that edit the Murphy Beds
I changed these tunings: