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The True "Instant" Cheat or Trait that will make your gameplay a bit less frusturating. I scour all the file that labeled instant from all the platforms there isn't any choices on actual instant so this is only page that promotes that. endorsed the mod author if you think this mod is worthy to be a nexus gem. now updated on 1.88!

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See articles for more changelogs!
Say good by to Last exception error horray, now we can celebrate almost perfect mod. anyway newer version had to wait for the pack to comes out till now enjoy this version.

Changelog 1.02a -
New trait added " superhuman brain" - With a custom trait icon!   (Archived and retired)
New Instant Project added " Get famous instantly!"  
Mesemerizing trait added(Archived and retired)
Eco Lifestyle Instant Upgrade - Still testing! (cancelled)
Instant Grand Master Vampire v2  - Fixed wrong version uploaded. 
Intelligent Trait - (Archived and retired)

Changelog 1.03 (coming soon)  - added features new way to cheat!
Saparated Age (children/adult/todder)
"Changing names to avoid confusion" 

  • Adults/Elder - " Superior Genetics "  - Combined manually 
  • Kids/Teens - "Growing Genetics"    - Combined manually 
  • Toddler - " Remarkable Genetics"   - Combined manually 
  • Adults retail skill now affected too!
  • Lot traits - "Silence of door " (See what i did there lmao)  " suprising sort of update"
  • Enticing trait will no longer needed
  • All Mods are now packaged together nicely to avoid any complication
  • When you install this  don't panic when your game load slower it will work i self tested this already with  200 sims in one map no crashes.

a mod that were meant for streamers  anyways', if you don't like waiting this mod for you because that i kept reading sims community forum don't worry dudes and duddettes  i got ya, for time being it's still work in progress so here's the mod list. it's exclusive to nexus mod only. just don't reupload it anywhere else..ask permission i would be happy to give you one. this project take me a year to understand how the progression works.

Since i packed all the codes in one, you don't need much All the skills and same features will be packed in one go. aka " One trait to ruled them all" Except some triat are their own.. observant can be mixed with mine will instantly reveal all NPC traits  instantly with maxed charisma.

Beta project (beta)
SIMS 4 Version -
SIMS 4 VERSION - - ( added fixed trait now compatible with MCC - Modified Genetics
More slots for your Cas (Five Traits!) 1.87  - Bugged on 1.88 (last exception already investigated) <-- not needed trust me this mod is so diverse you only need 3 traits

C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods <--- Put all your package right here

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