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Unlocks and changes the pricing and categorization of Build and Buy mode objects so that you can find stuff easier.

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Do you ever get lost when browsing Build and Buy mode?
Years of neglect by EA has meant that when you are looking for that specific jug or crate, more than likely you can't find it because it's mixed with buckets, parasols, traffic cones, everything completely mixed up. It is chaos! But now it is organized chaos.

What this mod does:
  • This mod changes the pricing and categorization of Build and Buy mode so that objects are placed in their correct categories, and similar ones grouped together, for ease of browsing. Essentially it's for people who don't really care whether a sofa costs 250 or 2500, as long as they can find it when they need to.
        So for example, Single Beds > Bunk Beds > Double Beds > Double Beds with Roof > Special Beds (like a sarcophagus)
  •  It unlocks 99% of hidden or debug objects, all catalogued logically. Perhaps hundreds. You shouldn't need any other mods to unlock objects apart from this one.
  • Nothing appears in multiple categories (apart from garage doors) 
  • Some objects received LOD, now visible from hood view.
  • It changes the 'by function' sorting ONLY.
  • Items changed from the following: Base Game, all EP's, HELS, FLS and MS stuff packs (packs not required)
  • This mod contains recolourable edits of some objects by JimTNW. Thanks Jim.

Installation:  It is a single package file

> Shimrod101's 'World Editor More Stuff' series of mods. His edits are in my mod already. Much thanks.
> Any other mods that unlock items will overlap with this.

Playing in a medieval neighbourhood? Or any historical hood? Then use this version

Update history:
V3: Around 50 adjustments, mostly to the statues in Decor > Sculptures.
V4: Around 25 adjustments. Beds, columns, sinks
V5: Massive update. Thanks to Shimrod101, I have now included all the items in his great 'World Editor More Stuff' series, and recategorized them for build and buy mode too. That's a lot of items.
V6: Added Shimrods plants, plus new items. Added all lifetime happiness objects (You can delete other mods that do this). Plus a big tidy up.
V7: General tidy-up. Gender doors went missing somehow, so added them back. Benches come under Sofas now because they are just wooden sofas.
V8: Merged mod again, which I forgot to do in V7. Some tidy-ups such as trophies.
V9: Thanks to Goggalor at MATY for allowing me to integrate some WA objects to my mod. Tidied up Pets and Cars categories.
V10: Unlocked 3 hot air balloons.
V11: Various adjustments
V12: Sorted rabbithole buildings under Build > Community Buildings according to architecture style.
V13: Comfort section much tidier now
V14: Much tidier fireplaces, tables, TV's
V15: Unlocked graffiti (wall hangings). Tidied doors and columns. Sprinkler moved to Plumbing.
V16: Massive update, including fixes for items incorrectly showing at end of catalogue. Plus, new items and a tidy up.
V17: Added kelvin fridge
V18: Added all markers (Columns). Much tidier Gates and fences. Added more distant LOD. Plus other adjustments.
V19: Added a few new hidden items, including an awesome 'junk bed'. Various other adjustments.
V20: Fire Pole went missing, now fixed
V21: TV's can now be shifted up and down on walls
V22: All non-modular fences are in Gates category now. Markers moved to entertainment > misc.  Plus other adjustments