The Saboteur
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About this mod

Numerous shadertweaks see description
reshade tonemap, relief texture enhancing, color balancing, smaa
and ambient occlusion

Permissions and credits
- description

Saboteur pandemic's magnum opus and alas also there swansong.
A mix of gta and assassins creed dipped in a world war 2
open world with a bit of 'allo allo' sauce added gives a
bit clunky at times but still enjoyable game.

Gameplay tweaks:
Modified ai.ini reduces alertness nazi's, speeds
up cooldown after detection or in other words nazi's
which are a bit less high on 'Panzerschokolade'.

Use the tweaked InputTemplates.txt if your gamepad
rotates the camera when using R2 / L2, triggers
used for aiming and firing weapons.

Helix tweak contains:
- reduce hdr exterior environment
- reduce darkness shadows
- reduce brightness bloom nighttime all areas
- reduce bloom exterior day time
- remove hud ally occupation indicator
- remove bloom skyline buildings

Further a reshade tone map re-balances brightness plus removes a slight
yellow tint and a 'poor mans form of tessellation' gives the assets
(environment, etc) a bit of relief and more definition.

Also added smaa (so disable in game AA) and ambient occlusion.

All screenshots are with AO how ever it works rather so-so,
and is quite expensive gpu wise ~20% on a 1050 gtx ti boost.

Just in case you are wondering why I am using the ultimate asi loader
in this case without it the game crashes on startup, due to reshade
and a similar attempt with sweetfx, causes the game to crash on shut down.

The ultimate asi loader allows reshade to function without a hitch.

- install

Important the helix tweaks only work with the updated version
of saboteur 1.03 or higher!

Copy the contents of the zip file to the install folder of
saboteur, the folder which contains saboteur.exe with the
exception of the folder 'optional' and 'original'.

The folder optional contains:

If you want to use these gameplay tweaks copy these
files to the same dir as saboteur.exe note this will
overwrite the existing files so it might be handy to
make a backup of both files.

The folder original contains the original versions of:

Just in case use these to restore.

The following instructions are only needed
if you do not like using unverified dll's you can:

download helix from
and place following file in the install dir of saboteur

Then copy the folders dumps and shaderoverride, plus dx9settings.ini
to the install dir of assassins creed revelations.

This package contains a 'd3d9.dll.hxdb' this is the debug version
which allows shaders to be found in game, usage rename d3d9.dll to
d3d9.dll.o then rename d3d9.dll.hxdb to d3d9.dll and in some cases
set UseEndScene = false to UseEndScene = true in the dx9settings.ini

download the 'ultimate asi loader' (32bits) from:

then copy the dinput8.dll 32bits version to the install dir
of saboteur.

download reshade from  (preferably version 4.3)

Because this package uses the 'ultimate asi loader' take care and
first rename the existing d3d9.dll (helix) to d3d9.dll.hx then
install *only* d3d9.dll (32bits) to the install dir aka folder
of saboteur.



Then copy the reshade folder plus ReShade.ini and reshadep.ini
contained in this pacakage to the install dir of saboteur.

dx9settings.ini of helix contains the name of the linked proxy dll
in this case leave it empty ultimate asi loader chains reshade.

- verify

To test the shaderfixes you will have to start and the restart
the game without the d3d9.dll example rename it to d3d9.dll.o
and restart the game.

For reshade simply press 'F1' in game to toggle
the shaders on or off.

- tested

Tested with version 1.0.3 of saboteur
on win 7 / nvidia 1050gtx ti

- performance

reshade / helix / ual / plus ao usage [email protected]*
without - clock 974Mhz  gpu usage ~55%
with      - clock 974Mhz  gpu usage  ~90%
approximately 35% increase (1050gtx ti on win 7)
max gpu: 1772Mhz gpu usage 100%
*) Game is capped to 60.7 with fast sync through nvidia inpsector
   ao adds roughly 20%
*) Ultimate asi loader (ual) does not seem to have an averse effect
   on performance.

- further tweaking

If you like you can compare the modified shader(s), Dumps contains
the original shader, to alter values. The folder 'shaderoverride'
contains the modified versions.
Note helix works differently then 3dmigoto please search for a
tutorial or start looking here:

Specific shaders can be disabled by simply removing them
from the sub folders contained in 'shaderoverride'.


A special tip of the hat to 'TheUnknownToaster' for a brilliant mod: