The Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria
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Sets most stackable items max stack size to 9999 or 999

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Sets most stackable items max stack size to 9999 or 999
  • Multiplayer unknown. I assume those missing the mod will just be limited in making new stacks, but increased stack size should be visible.
  • Removing the mod won't delete items, instead, only allowing you reduce the oversized stack size.
  • This mod overrides data tables that may be edited with game updates, be sure to keep it updated or remove it after game updates change files.
  • Make world and character backups! %localappdata%\Moria\Saved\SaveGames\
  • Don't use my tool or weapons pak files if your using other tool, weapon or armor mods


Extract the z_FatPallets_#_P.pak to your game install Paks folder
z_FatStacks_Weapons_#_P.pak changes arrow and bolt stack values.
z_FatStacks_Tools_#_P.pak changes rope stack value


Edits the files in ../../../Moria/Content/Tech/Data/Items/
DT_Consumables.uasset, DT_Items.uasset, DT_Ores.uasset
DT_Tools.uasset and DT_Weapons.uasset are in separate paks for compatibility.
Package exported with Umodel
Edited with UAssetGUI and the python parsing script in the misc files section
Pak created with UnrealPak