The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing: Final Cut

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Prometheus is a bug fix, text correction, and content restoration mod.

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Project Prometheus
for Van Helsing Final Cut
by Flix

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I quickly fell in love with Neocore's wonderful Van Helsing games after playing them. Final Cut should have been the definitive edition of the series, the only thing a player would need to get the full experience. Instead, the game was more of a Frankenstein's monster, with badly-stitched seams and lots of body parts left on the cutting room floor. The "Van Helsing Enhanced" mod did a fantastic job getting skills, loot, and monsters into shape. I intend to pick up where that mod left off, respecting all the balance changes while working mainly on other areas of the game.

Project Prometheus was originally meant to be a simple text correction mod, but it has expanded in scope to restore cut content and address the lingering bugs and balance issues of Final Cut. The goal is to make the game as polished, rewarding, and "complete" as it can possibly be. Prometheus is meant to be friendly to both first-time players and grizzled veterans alike.

Summary of Major Changes
  • Game-wide text corrections - no more typos or instances of the subtitles not matching the audio.
  • Pocket Realm and Riddlerwisp encounter restored.
  • 7 new sets will now drop - 1 for each class, plus an all-class "boss killer" set.
  • 4 new adventure mode maps and 6 new adventure mode bosses.
  • Missing NPCs restored to the Lair: Vasily Mechanov, The Recordkeeper.
  • Missing quest rewards restored (Grandma's Ring, Saffi's Amulet).
  • Useless quest rewards from VH1 are now usable items.
  • Rebalance and bugfixing for Tower Defense and Resistance missions.
  • Chimera enhancements: gains more XP, better magic find, can find more potion types.
  • Epic Trophies more useful on the Trophy Stand, and Magic/Rare Trophies more useful when equipped.
  • Rebalance of unique essences to bring them in line with the balance of VHE. There are also recipes for three more essences.
  • Journal entries and item descriptions fleshed out.
  • Various fixes for vanilla bugs and bugs accidentally introduced by Van Helsing Enhanced.

I built Prometheus on top of two other mods that you should install FIRST, in this order:

Any overlapping files from Prometheus will include the changes from these two mods, so you don't have to worry about compatibility. Just install all three, with Prometheus last, and overwrite files when prompted.

Easy Install
Just unzip the file, then copy the four folders from Prometheus (Cfg, Sounds, Strings, UI) into your game's install folder. You should get overwrite warnings for several folders and files if you install it correctly. To uninstall use GOG Galaxy or Steam to verify/redownload the vanilla files.

Mod Enabler Install (Recommended)
You can use a tool like the Generic Mod Enabler (GME) to easily enable/disable the mod.
  • Download the Generic Mod Enabler
  • Install the GME to your Van Helsing install folder. It will create a folder there called MODS.
  • Unzip the file and copy the folder named 'Prometheus' into the MODS folder.
  • Run the Mod Enabler, select Prometheus and click 'Enable'.
  • To uninstall and restore vanilla files, just click 'Disable'.
  • You can also install this mod's two prerequisite mods this way. Overwrite warnings are to be expected.
Ok to Use Existing Characters?
Yes! If you've got an existing character you want to load into Prometheus, it should be fine, but take note of the following:
  • If your character is playing Story Mode and has visited the Lair at least once (early Ch. 2 or later), then Vasily Mechanov will spawn in the wrong spot (right next to Dr. Dampf). No other issues, but it may be hard to click on one or the other. This doesn't affect Adventure Mode.
  • If you're playing Story Mode and have already progressed through Ch. 7 or beyond, then the "Ink Hunt" cinematic video will play the first time your character enter the Lair.
  • Essence stat changes will NOT affect essences you already have in your inventory. And if you pick up newly-dropped essences with Prometheus, they will stack with your old ones and take on the OLD stats. Therefore you may want to sell your old lesser essences or keep them in the stash to use for the Chimera or Pigasus.
  • You may lose some trophies on the trophy display, since 7 trophies have been replaced with others. I've included these trophies in a separate download so you can replace them.
  • Some of your old set items may have some extra bonuses after you install Prometheus.

Stuff I wanted to fix but could not:
  • Restore cut quests from VH1: "Werewolf on the Run", "The Orichalcum Shipment", "The Priest's Betrayal": Was able to restore everything except "storydata" parameters, which are hardcoded, so the journal and quest stages would not properly update.
  • Restore cut Tower Defense missions from VH2: "Maze of Blades", "Halls of Remembrance": Same reason as above; there must be some hardcoded list of missions.
  • Restore ability to summon Chimera into battle. Seems to be a missing hardcoded reference to the spell that grants this ability in VH2 (buff__SummonInkMonster).
  • "The Curse" (Ch 4): The Ghosts should vanish from the ghost village if the player breaks the curse, but they still hang around. There is some code in place to make them de-spawn but it doesn't work - I think the "MoveNPC" function from VH2 no longer works in Final Cut.
  • Restore some more cut journal entries from VH2 (which features entries for Vlados, Prisoner 7, and a full Bestiary): Nothing is available in the cfg files to add them; the triggers must be linked to hardcoded storydata.
  • A large number of journal entries under the "World", "Prometheus", and "Game" tabs are supposed to have unique pictures, but instead the generic placeholder picture is used.
  • A few of the "newspaper" loading screens for Chapters 4-6 don't seem to seem to trigger.
  • Katarina doesn't attack Twigbeasts in the final Tower Defense mission (Battle in the Ink). Couldn't figure out why.