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Just a simple movement increase mod.

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**I have not personally tested these myself, however, I created these versions the same way I made the cheat mod versions.  Let me know if there are issues.**

Before you download this mod, PLEASE NOTE this mod ONLY modifies movement speed. 
If you want more features (such as wobble aim adjustments), check out these other mods:

1) besthsq's Quiet Footsteps and Movement Increase and Realistic Wobble Updated

2) or my (WarbirdRed5) cheat mods page Lazy Redneck Mods (Cheat Mods)

I made the same changes to the numbers as I did for the Lazy Redneck Mods, but left the changes to wobble aim and heart rate penalties out of these versions.  Wobble aim and heart rate maintain their vanilla values.

Crouch and prone speed are doubled from vanilla values.
There are two versions for walking/sprinting.  The vanilla value is set to 2 by default, and I will identify the following versions by the value I changed that number to:

1) "Set 3" increases the walking speed to a value of 3.  This is the more "realistic" movement of the two.

2) "Set 5" increases the walking speed to a value of 5.  This will make the movement feel a lot like CS:GO/Garry's Mod/other Source Engine games.


1. Extract the zip(s) to a location of your choice.
2. There will be a "dropzone" folder in each zip.
3. Open Steam, right-click "theHunter: Call of the Wild" in your library, and click "Properties"
4. Go to the "Local Files" tab, click the "Browse Local Files" button.
5. Move the extracted "dropzone" folder(s) to the folder that just opened in the new file browser window (your root Call of the Wild directory).  (Note: the "dropzone" folders will merge together to make one "dropzone" folder containing all the mods you have installed.)

If you have installed other mods before, you should be good to go!  If not, proceed with the instructions below:

6. Right-click "theHunter: Call of the Wild" in your library, and click "Properties" once more.
7. In the "General" tab, there should be a "Set Launch Options" button.  Click that.
8. Copy and paste the line below into the small window that popped up.  Be sure to include all the dashes and the dot at the end or it won't load your mods.

--vfs-fs dropzone --vfs-archive patch_win64 --vfs-archive archives_win64 --vfs-archive dlc_win64 --vfs-fs.

If your installed mods are not loading with the above line, use the following shorter line in your Steam launch options:

--vfs-fs dropzone --vfs-archive archives_win64 --vfs-fs.


If you feel inclined to make a modification to the files to fine-tune it to how you would like it, the process follows the same procedure as this video I made for one of my other mods.  Please see further explanation after the video below.

1) To get to the movement file, the directory you need to go to in DECA is:


2) Once you find it, click the "PREP MOD" button in the "Modding" tab in DECA, and follow the same procedures in the video using the mod tools from the Just Cause mod sites.  (decompile, edit the .xml, recompile)

3) Then you'll need to click the "Build Mod All" button, go to the build folder it generates, and that "editor" folder can be moved inside your "dropzone" folder in your root CotW directory.

If you have any questions on this modding stuff, please feel free to leave me a message in the "Posts" tab, send me a message directly, or comment on that YouTube video.