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Removes integrity checks for shotguns, handguns, and bows.
25% increase in shotgun and handgun penetration.
4x damage increase for shotguns and handguns only.
Alternate 2x damage and 0x damage variants available.

Permissions and credits
UPDATE 11/18/2020: I was informed that the 420 grain tracer arrow was failing the integrity checks.  I went back through everything and corrected this, and double checked all the other ammunition files to make sure I didn't forget any others.  However, the downloads page will now be a little different.  Since the only thing I modified with the bows was the integrity limits (no penetration or damage upgrades), I made the bows into a separate download.  This means that to get the complete package, you will now need to download the bows file, and whichever damage version(s) you want for your shotguns and handguns.  The folders will merge when you install them.  This is to make any updates to the shotguns or handguns easier for me to manage in the future without having to deal with the bows in each version as well.  (It's also easier on my internet to upload smaller files...I have awful rural internet and an ISP that doesn't want to upgrade their infrastructure any more than they have to.)

UPDATE 11/15/2020: Based on some feedback I've received (thank you all), a 2x damage increase and zero damage increase variant of the mod are now available to download.  The penetration for shotguns and handguns on all versions is still increased by 25%.  I haven't tested the damage reduction versions, let me know what you think.  Also remember that during installation, you can delete out the ammo types you think are already balanced as-is in the game if you don't want them (make sure you delete both the .ee and .ammotunec files for each one you don't want).  You could also mix and match between versions too.  4x damage handguns, 0x damage buckshot, 2x damage slugs, endless possibilities!  Happy hunting folks!

This is the first mod I've created for any game.  I'd like to credit besthsq's Weapon and Ammo Tweaks mod for getting an idea of what to do for this.
I compared what was changed in that mod versus vanilla, and made edits to all the shotguns, handguns, and bows based on that mod since that mod took care of the rifles.  Note, this mod does not include changes to rifles, use besthsq's mod for those (it's good I promise).
This being said, I will try to address any fixes the best I can, but please be aware that my technical knowledge on this stuff is extremely limited.
I also have no idea how to hex edit, or how to use a hex editor...these mods were made with a combination of 3 different Apex Engine modding tools to avoid hex editing.  If you want to do any tweaks yourself, I linked a video for how I made this mod at the end of the description.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE for the love of all that is good, backup your saves.  I am NOT responsible for data corruption and save file loss.
I don't *think* anything bad should happen by using this mod, but if it does, have a backup to revert back to just in case.

Due to what has been changed, unless something drastic changes at the engine level, I think this mod should be compatible with future updates.
I have also NOT done extensive testing on this to ensure correct functionality for everything, so if there are tweaks you all think I need to make (or if I goofed), let me know.

Here is some video proof of me testing out the shotgun modifications.  
Off-screen, I clipped a roe deer (class 3 integrity) in the back with a 20ga slug (class 4-7 vanilla), and it bled out within a few meters and passed the integrity check.
In the video, I bag a red fox using 20ga steel birdshot with 2 hits to the tail, and bag a European bison with a lot more shots than that.  Both passed the integrity check.  (I also tend to ramble a bit and the video is raw and unedited, feel free to skip along until you get to the animal shooting.  :P)

=====MOD OVERVIEW=====
This mod is intended to be kind of "overkill" (haha...pun) to give all the firearms a bit of a boost.  I like having a bit more of an arcade-feel to the gunplay.  You shoot it with a gun, it drops.  Bows are unchanged in this regard, because if you were to hunt with a bow in real life, you have to do a bit of tracking to find your animal.  It kinda makes sense to leave them as is.

All shotguns and handguns should have "Quad Damage" and about a 25% penetration increase, keeping in spirit with besthsq's Weapon and Ammo Tweaks mod (the quad damage version).
The penetration values of bows are unchanged.  I have, however, removed the integrity restrictions for all the arrows.
All shotguns, handguns, and bows should ignore the integrity restrictions.  Fire away with the weapon of your choice!
Please note that the store and inventory interface will not reflect these changes, but the mod *should* function as intended.

1. Extract the zip to a location of your choice.
2. There will be a "dropzone" folder and a "ReadMe" text file that is a copy-paste of this entire description (you can delete the ReadMe if you want).
3. Open Steam, right-click "theHunter: Call of the Wild" in your library, and click "Properties"
4. Go to the "Local Files" tab, click the "Browse Local Files" button.
5. Move the "dropzone" folder to the folder that just opened in the new file browser window (your root Call of the Wild directory).

If you have installed other mods before, you should be good to go!  If not, proceed with the instructions below:

6. Right-click "theHunter: Call of the Wild" in your library, and click "Properties" once more.
7. In the "General" tab, there should be a "Set Launch Options" button.  Click that.
8. Copy and paste the line below into the small window that popped up.  Be sure to include all the dashes and the dot at the end or it won't load your mods.

--vfs-fs dropzone --vfs-archive patch_win64 --vfs-archive archives_win64 --vfs-archive dlc_win64 --vfs-fs.

This installation can be customized to your liking depending on which modifications you would like.

For Example:
If you ONLY want the modded slugs for shotguns, simply delete all the files in the shotgun folder EXCEPT the ones with "slug" in the file name.
There are two files for each ammo type (.ee and .ammotunec), both will need to be deleted should you choose to not have them in your game.

Another Example:
If you only want the handguns, go in and delete the shotgun and bow folders.

If you all would just like a simple mod that removes the integrity limitations for everything while keeping everything else vanilla, I *could* do that if there's enough interest, as that's fairly simple enough to add.

If you feel like playing around with the numbers yourself, I put together a video tutorial on how I made these.  No hex editing necessary.
I am NOT responsible for bricked saves if you choose to do this.  BACK THEM UP!!!