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Animals spawn towards the higher end of the spectrum and makes the chance of getting a diamond feel just a bit rarer than getting a gold in vanilla. Now with rare fur type spawn rate boost as well.

Permissions and credits

With this mod animals spawn noticeably with bigger weight and better trophy scores.

Getting a diamond spawn with this mod is just a bit rarer than getting a gold in vanilla.

Newly added rare fur type spawn increase, balanced with the same philosophy.

Please keep in mind that this is very much a cheating mod.
Please do keep it to yourself when using this mod and do not be dishonest about the fact that you used this mod.
If this mod would be a detriment to the community overall I'd have to take it down.

The mod does not spawn animals with weight and trophy score outside of their normal range.
It only makes them spawn on the higher end of that range.
It doesn't not affect the number of animals spawned, or the chance of a great one spawning.

1. Grab the "Impressive spawns" file. This file alters the diamonds rate.
2. Choose a rare fur type spawn file with or without the 768m view distance feature, and grab one of your choosing.
This is because of the 750m view distance mod conflicts with the rare fur type spawn mod. They have to put in the same file.
You need 2 files in total!

Alternative "maxed out" versions spawns animals at the extremes.

Due to the game mechanics, only newly spawned animals are affected by this mod.
So you either have to visit a new reserve or harvest enough animals to see the effect.
You can also delete animal_population_# in your save file to reset the animals. But make sure to backup your save file before doing so.

This mod can have lingering changes made to your save file. Spawned animals stay on the map until they're harvested.
If you tried this mod and feel it's too OP, you will have some animals still roaming around until you wipe them out.
The animals themselves are completely legit and within vanilla possible value ranges.
Your save file is located at Documents\Avalanche Studios\COTW\Saves\###############\

1. Extract contents to your Steam\steamapps\common\theHunterCotW\ folder. Make sure "dropzone" folder is inside theHunterCotW folder.
2. Add the following line to CotW's steam launcher option, including the dash and dot.
--vfs-fs dropzone --vfs-archive patch_win64 --vfs-archive archives_win64 --vfs-archive dlc_win64 --vfs-fs.
(right-click game name->properties->general->set launch options... if you don't know where to find this.)
3. Enjoy!

2020-10-14: Updated for 1898534. Furs files appear to identical to last version and needed no updates. Confirmation of proper functionality is highly appreciated.

Fur type mod conflicts with the 750m view distance mod and I've incorporated this feature into the mod, available as separate files.
Animals Render Distance up to 750 meters original mod by MetalHeron
Animals Render Distance up to 750 meters for silver ridge updated by sbg2005
Borrowed the idea and made from scratch by me. Now the view distance is 768m (416m for ranks 1-2 animals and 576m for rank 3 animals for better performance).

Special thanks to xTyler01 for spending many hours testing and helping with technical stuff.

Please feel free to report any issues with the balancing. For example a species with too high a chance of getting diamonds, or just in general if the rate is just too high. I aim to only spice the game up a bit and not completely ruin the fun with this mod.