theHunter: Call of the Wild

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Allows HUD toggling via Keyboard Key or Controller Button Press + Bonus Reshade Profile

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Toggle the complete HUD to eliminate annoying elements and maximize immersion.Also includes a Reshade profile along with a pictorial guide on how to install. Please see mod pics for more details.

Keyboard Users -simply press Key [ C ] to toggle HUD on/off. Controller Users -must remap headlamp to free up Controller Right Analog Press for HUD toggle. I recommend remapping headlamp to either the (Start) or (Back) buttons which are both menu/map by default. This controller setup actually works quite well and is easy to get comfortable with. It allows all other controller binds to stay default -and is minimum hassle when toggling headlamp. Excellent synergy when the HUD is toggled off. As always backup your save and even your main game file before attempting to mod- this is HIGHLY recommended.

Everything is done with both 3dmigoto and Reshade -these are only shader manipulators and have been used on many games. Mod does not work with Aim Toggle enabled in the game menus. You will experience the bino bug if AIM TOGGLE is selected ON (see final mod pic). For Non-Aim Togglers  - Version v5 fixes the binocular bug and is the version I use- (my aim toggle is set to OFF in the game menus).

Reshade download is not required  if  ONLY  installing the HUD toggle option.  Download Reshade here- if going to install the optional Reshade Profile. The profile was built with  Reshade 4.7.0.

Keyboard Users press Key [ N ] - or Controller Users briefly hold  Button (X) and tap Button (A) to toggle tracking on/off  (only footprints and blood pools). Controller Users will jump and tracking will toggle. If you want to be silent, not jump, and toggle tracking - just crouch first. To eliminate accidentally engaging camera mode if using default controller binds, minimize (X) hold time while toggling tracking. Personally, I also recommend remapping camera from (X) to (Y). This works well and you will still reload and rechamber from (Y) as default (this change is optional). This mod does not toggle tracking particle effects - glow and standard footprints only. Additional option included to toggle Downed Animal Highlight simultaneously with the tracks and blood pools. And lastly - an option to select tracking either toggled ON or OFF by default at game startup.

Choose carefully to suit your playstyle- and only use the final files in the subfolders along with the complete ShaderFixes folder if installing HUD toggle options. Currently only game Default Keyboard Keybinds are used. Mod keybinds can be changed in the mod's d3dx.ini file. Use a combination of HUD choices via in game menus and the different mod options to make the game as you want to see it. Personally - I turn everything off except downed animal highlight and glow tracking. Then I use the mod to toggle those on when I need them to locate my kill. The rest of the time it's pure HUDless until I need a map or menu- quickly toggle main HUD on and good to go. Adapting to using the mod becomes natural after a short time. Once again I will state that this mod is NOT designed to work with Aim Toggle and you will eventually experience the bino bug if that feature is enabled. It is also recommended to disable the hunting hud for best results. Mod can cause a very tiny delay for text to appear in some hud menus- just rollover/scroll and they will pop in. 

This mod is built for players seeking maximum immersion and may require a slight adaptation of playstyle. It's worth it to no longer see "[E] SPOT ANIMAL" or "(X) SPOT ANIMAL" every time you scope something. No immersion breaking "[E] EXAMINE TRACK" constantly popping up. No flashing bits everywhere  -unless you want it that way -or need a HUD to get serious on a trophy. The solution is here - just Toggle  😎