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A game breaking mod that let's your character level up instantly to level 60… "Level", ok, that was the last time I said "level". OPS, I did it again.

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Are you bored of levelling up? Are you playing only multiplayer games that doesn't let you complete missions for some reason? Are you friggin' tired of waiting for level 30-something to get the whitetail deer caller even though he's one of the easiest animals to hunt in the game?
Well, today is the day that you leave all of this behind and step up your game with this awesome mod (honestly, quite simple, actually, but who cares)!

This mod will change the necessary experience you need to get from level 1 to level 60. It works just fine with new saves as it works with preexisted saves. All you need to do after install it is to get some experience somehow. If it's a new character, just complete the first mission on any reserve. If this is an ongoing character, just discover anything on the map (or kill a jackrabbit, really, they have suicide tendencies anyway).

- Download the file;
- Go to your Steam games library;
- Right click on "theHunter: Call Of The Wild" and choose "Properties";
- Press "SET LAUNCH OPTIONS" right in the "General" tab;
- Paste the line bellow (with the dot in the end and the slash in the beggining):
--vfs-fs dropzone --vfs-archive patch_win64 --vfs-archive archives_win64 --vfs-archive dlc_win64 --vfs-fs.
- After making this change, go to the tab "Local Files";
- Open the file you downloaded and unzip the "dropzone" folder right in
the folder that opened for you (Usually, this will be the one: Steam\steamapps\common\theHunterCotW)
- Open your game, kill something and enjoy your level 60 character!

IMPORTANT: It's never enough to have a backup just in case. You can find it in the path bellow:
Documents\Avalanche Studios
Make a copy of those two folders ("theHunter Call of the Wild" and "COTW") and you're safe to proceed.

Disclaimer: I, personally, don't use this mod. I created this just to test other mods that I am currently working on. So you will notice that you'll also get 8 more skill points and 7 more perk points than level 60 characters on vanilla game, but only if your level, before using this mod, was 35 ~ 37 or bellow. Yeah, I was lazy and decided to upload the whole thing. If this bothers anyone, just let me know and I will make a version without this feature.

--- If you liked this mod and you want to thank me anyway, I would love to see anyone of you guys in my stream. Be sure to check it out and
follow it! :D Haotran's Humble Twitch ---