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Unlocks all outposts in all reserves. Including Mississippi Acres Preserve!

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[Missing Outposts]
Please let me know if there are any missing outposts. Thanks!

12 - Mississippi Acres Preserve
11 - Rancho del Arroyo
10 - Te Awaroa National Park
09 - Silver Ridge Peaks
08 - Cuatro Colinas Game Reserve
06 - Yukon Valley Nature Reserve
04 - Parque Fernando
03 - Vurhonga Savanna
02 - Medved-Taiga National Park
01 - Layton Lake District
00 - Hirschfelden Hunting Reserve


Outposts are considered collectibles. You will be using my collectibles save file, which barely has any other collectibles besides the outposts. So if you are really into collectibles, think about it before overriding your save file. And remember to always make a backup.

You can continue using your own save game. New game is not required.

Extract all files and replace them in this folder.
Documents\Avalanche Studios\COTW\Saves\'Numbers'

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If you get this pop-up when launching the game using Steam, choose 'Upload to the Steam Cloud'