The Guild 2: Renaissance
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A simple mod that adds back 5 previously cut maps to The Guild 2: Renaissance (with varying levels of success)

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The Guild 2 Map Pack sees the return of 5 maps cut from previous Guild 2 versions: Venice and Centre of the Republic, Trieste and the Republic of Venice, and Alammania. Please read the install instructions and bug list below, as the porting process has not been kind to some of these maps.

Install Instructions
  • Extract all files from "Guild 2 Map Pack" folder to main install directory of Renaissance (normally C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\The Guild 2 Renaissance)
  • Note that the files from inside of the Guild 2 Map Pack folder should be removed the Guild 2 Map
  • Pack folder and be left sitting freely inside of the install directory. The Guild 2 Map Pack folder itself should not be placed inside the install directory.
  • Find "Guild 2 Map Pack Install Script.bat" in the main Guild 2 directory and run it. There is no GUI, so do not fret if it looks like nothing happened.
  • The Map Pack should now be installed. If the maps show up in your map select screen, you should be good to go.

Bear in mind, due to The Guild 2's map editing tools being unreleased to the public, I am only able to port maps over. I am unable to fix many, if any, issues with how they act once ported.

  • Venice (1 City) is effectively unplayable due to the frequency at which is crashes, in my experience. This is an issue also present in The Guild 2: Venice, so it isn't something fixable. I included the map for posterity, however, in case others find the map playable, due to perhaps having different hardware than myself.
  • Note the above issue does NOT apply to Centre of the Republic, which is just a 3 city version of Venice.
  • Murano and Ravenna town halls have messed up pathfinding, which means that politics and other city hall functions are unavailable in those towns.
  • Wars do not trigger, as none of the maps contain armories/arsenals.
  • Some cities spawn overseas trading post tents (land-based counting houses) inside their borders. These trading posts do not sell anything at game start, so game balance is relatively unaffected.
  • Pubs are sometimes spawned partially in the water, which has the odd effect of making characters able to instantly teleport to them. If the pub is in a normally inaccessible area, such as parts of the Venetian swamps, characters will become permanently stuck. In my experience, the AI will avoid them, so hopefully they don't become AI traps.
  • Some buildings, such as the player 1's starting house in Trieste, spawn in areas that are too small to hold them, making them inaccessible. I suggest being careful about buying buildings, for this reason.
  • Some areas which look open and accessible are not. This is likely where unique aesthetic buildings, akin to the Vienna map's imperial palace, spawned in The Guild 2: Venice, but Renaissance lacks the visual resources to represent these buildings.
  • Many public buildings clip through the environment or other public buildings. They still tend to be perfectly functional, however.