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If you wanted to do a new playthrough of The Godfather, but aren't a big fan of grinding for more powerful weapons, acquiring skills from scratch, and gathering collectibles all over again, but want to purely enjoy business and racket takeovers, do story missions and contract hits, this save game can provide you that satisfaction.

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If you want to start a new playthrough of Godfather, but don’t want to grind again for weapon upgrades, skills and equipment, you can apply this save game made by me, which starts off at the first safehouse after the first 2 mandatory story missions are completed.The save file includes:

      -all clothes purchased;
      -all guns upgraded to level 3 and all miscellaneous weapons purchased in full capacity. The only missing weapon is the garrote wire but you will unlock it through story progression;
      -all purchasable safehouses are bought, the remaining locked safehouses are acquired through story progression;
      -all 50 skills and upgrades are acquired;
      -all film reels are collected, except the film reels located behind locked doors in Flowers of Scotland and J. Sizzles Stakehouse. I collected the rest of the film reels because in my opinion picking up dozens of collectibles of any kind which grant no meaningful reward and can’t be located without an external guide is unnecessary after the 1st proper playthrough. I left reels located behind businesses uncollected because I didn’t want this starter save to contain any businesses extorted, except for the first mandatory business related to the 2nd story mission. Once you unlock back doors to extorted businesses, you’ll stumble upon reels there in search of other valuables like safes;
       -all safes which are in clinics around the city are blown up, as well as the safe in the first business you take over in the 2nd mission. I left the remaining safes to be blown up by the player because they’re all located in rival businesses/compounds/warehouses/transport hubs you’d need to raid in your 100% run anyway. Clinics and already owned businesses aren’t something you will ever come back to, unless you die or want to buy health. But I didn’t want to leave anything to chance;
        -the remaining $532.910 you possess are more than enough to cover racket purchases, police and FBI bribes, or even ammo resupply if you happen to be unable to refill at some of your safehouses for some reason;
        -all execution styles are completed, except for the Silent Assassin Execution, because most of them would be completed anyway through general gameplay or optional hit requirements, while there are a couple of executions which are so unreliable and require a change of playstyle that keeping them incomplete hinders the fun in my eyes. After all, it’s another one of those useless collectibles which don’t contribute to the positive experience a New Game Plus playthrough aims to provide. I didn’t complete the Silent Assassin Execution because it requires the garrote wire, which is unlocked through story progression. Once you do acquire it, you’ll definitely do a couple of executions with it in your playthrough.

The directory in which you place this save game is located at:Windows (C:) > Users > “your username” > Documents > GF > SD Extract the RAR file with programs such as WinRAR or 7zip and simply move the folder within, to the location I mentioned above.This is the only proper NG+ starter save of this game you can find anywhere on the internet, so you can finally enjoy racket takeovers and story missions without having to worry about power grind.