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A tool to view the contents of 'The Godfather (2006)" and "The Godfather II (2009") PC and PS3 Stream Files (*.str) as well as editing the contents (to some degree) and saving the changes. Now has partial support for "Dead Space (all games)" and "The Simpsons". Also includes a mod manager for all of these games.

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A tool to provide support for modding Visceral Games. The current goal is to modify Stream (.str) files. It's quite limited at the moment, with the user only allowed to export the raw resource data. This is enough support for types such as textures, since the textures are stored in Renderware Texture Dictionaries, which can be loaded into software such as Magic.TXD. Version 1.1 introduced support to export PS3 textures, not the user cannot import or modify the PS3 Texture Dictionaries. For "The Godfather II", the textures are stored as "tg4" resources. Select the "tg4h" resource, and the Toolkit will present the texture information. The user can also Export, modify and import the changes back into the Stream File. The Toolkit will automatically handle the TG4 Parameters.

Version 1.3 introduces the Mod Manager. This is a way to simplify installing mods, as the program will automatically install them. This avoids the difficult situation of having two mods which modify the same (.str) file, which can be pretty difficult to deal with as a mod user. As of 1.3, conflicts are not handled. But it still merges mods pretty well.

For more information, please view the wiki page HERE. It contains information about the game and its resource types, what this tool does and how to use it and finally, the current level of support the tool has for different types of resources.

Please feel free to mention any bugs, changes or additions you like to see in future updates.

Feel free to join my discord server to show off your mods, ask for support, report bugs and request features. See
Please read the wiki pages for more information.