The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

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This mod retextures the most cringe-worthy aspects of TBOI and makes them more bearable.

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Do you enjoy playing The Binding of Isaac but groan at the outdated memes and frequent use of child abuse imagery? Then this mod is for you!

What this mod does:
-regarding poop-
Changes poop enemies into eyeballs.
Changes environmental poop into mushrooms.
The boss Dingle is now made of bones and called "Bone Pile".
The boss Dangle is now a palette swap of Bone Pile and called "Red Bones".
The boss Brownie has a whole new spriteset and is called "Blue Thing".
-regarding items-
Makes the food pickups that raise HP look more appetizing and less sad.
Turns some gross pickup items into more "fantasy" versions, like magic potions or spells.
Changes many of Isaac's costumes to be less gruesome.
Replaces most of the dead baby familiars with enigmatic totems.
-regarding memes-
Eliminates many references to internet memes contained in item descriptions, pill descriptions, etc.
Changes trollface bombs into weird organic-looking blobs.
-regarding stage transitions-
Modified Isaac's stage-transition sleeping animation so that instead of cowering, he is sleeping soundly.
Modified the stage-transition nightmares to be pleasant and cute dreams.
The boss Mom has a whole new spriteset and is called "Mother of Idols".
Turns fat enemies into stone golems.
The boss Mega Fatty has a whole new spriteset and is now made of stone.
The boss Peep has a whole new spriteset and is called "Love Sick".
Larry Jr. and its variants no longer have anuses.

The goal of this mod is not to make a "politically correct" version of TBOI. Anyone who says "if you don't want to see child abuse, then you should play a different game" is completely missing the point. Any modification to a game, even so much as changing the volume or brightness, is part of tailoring that game to suit the needs of the player. Any game that didn't have the possibility of being modified to suit its player would be unplayable.  I made this mod for myself, and for my friends, but everyone else who enjoys this mod warms my heart to its core. Peace and love to all y'all, I hope you like my mod.<3