The Banner Saga 2
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Bannersaga 2 Final save with every hero level 10.
Alette playthrough.
Sided with King every hero alive.

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Save Details:

  •  Day 80
  • Alette Playthrought.
  • 200/167 Renown.
  • 920/413 clansmen
  • 205/32 varls
  • 604/345 fighters
  • Difficulty never changed from Hard
  • EGIL is alive and romanced.
  • ALL battles were fought.
  • Enough Kills to level everyone (30 deaths minimun)
  • All heroes lvl 10 but bolverk.
  • 8 days of supplies
  • No crappy Items
  • All renown from achivements
          Every hero has a good item for him.

  • MORALE never dropped to bad.
  • No famines.

I recruited everyone possible and never let anyone leave, all events and
decisions were the most optimal for the situation.- Hundreds left with rugga though-
During events I prioriticed recruiting>battle>resources
I reloaded a lot to get the random events I wanted.

  • Alette playthorugh only -good playthorugh-
  • Rugga in good terms
  • LUDIN is alive
  • No ship fell the waterfall-nid required-
  • Helped everyone
  • All optional wars
  • Ekkill abandoned the ravens -missing status-
  • Saved the singer dredge
  • I didnt sleept at the forest town to save clansmen
  • Sided with King to save Varls -some defected to Rugga o_O -
  • Sigbum ,krumr, sparr and oli saved
  • Young mender dead
  • Hogun made clansman
  • IVER rekt bolverk
  • Sundr killed


-I used Drake & YAKS fixpack. You can find the mod here in the nexus.

-I only used the training tent for the quest and achivements.

This is a post on reddit that explains how to farm renown. In addition overwath is a dps machine, the other heroes struggle to finish wounded enemies to fill the horn for alette.

- Alette and aleo combo alow for 1000 renown farmed if your computer can handle it, mine couldnt.