The Banner Saga
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Multiplies every ability and environmental effect by a factor of 2.

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Comprehensive list of changes:

runic gale drops x 2
puncture dam x 2 (swf)
battering ram falldam, push x 2
impale knockback x 2
mend restore x 2
arc lightning increase + 1
bird of prey range x 2
bring the pain proc dam x 2
bloody flail hits x 2
fire dam x 2
forge ahead range inf, target ++
rain of arrows hits x 2
return the favour damage x 2
run through distance x 2
frenzy proc x 2
bloody flail hits x 2
slag and burn str/arm damage x 2
frenzy proc x 2
sundering impact damage x 2
stonewall buff x 2
tempest targets x 2
shieldwall buff + 1
rally buff x 2
mark prey arm dam x 2
thread the needle arm dam x 2
slag and burn dam x 2
guts knockback x 2
sunstrike duration x 2
tremble enemy spawn buff
shatterstone dam x 2
quake and despair dam x 2
kindle knockback x 2
umbrage buff x 2
rupture strength threashold x 2
diseased strike dam x 2
arberrang king ally buff x 2
free roam distance x 2
bear rage arm debuff x 2
malice targets ++
pin debuff x 2
axe storm init miss chance / 2
indominable buff x 2
enraged buff x 2
embolden buff x 2
backoff enemy distance x 2
axe storm init miss chance / 2
tale worth telling buff x 2
overwatch bonus dam x 2
skalds song buff x 2
call to arms enemy threshold x 2
backoff enemy distance x 2
shield smash bonus dam x 2
skulk enemy range x 2
champion armor buff x 2
trample range x 2
pig sticker crit buff x 2
skulk player range x 2
track arm negation x 2
mule kick distance x 2
drumfire buff/debuff x 2
trollstone amount x 2
breeze target range x 2
swamp mov debuff x 2
snow mov debuff x 2
poison tipped duration x 2
cull the weak dam + 1
possess targets x 2
eyeless infected strike dam, knockback x 2
concuss knockback x 2
insult targets x 2
shudder enemy dam x 2
maul enemy dam + 2
barbedstones skulkers x 2
depraved will dam x 2
exhausted debuff x 2
shatter threashold x 2
ruin orb dam, knockback x 2
irresistable force dam x 2
immovable object buff x 2
corrosion dam x 2
acid spit dam x 2
bludgeon arm dam x 2
confuse range x 2
juno doober buff x 2
sold bond dam x 2
maw dam x 2
custom armor buff x 2
distraught mov, range x 2
warped drive buff x 2
darkness buff/dam x 2
warped coals buff/dam x 2
call bear spawn x 2
ride the lightning range x 2
strength of will range x 2
weave energy range, increase x 2
reveal weakness range x 2
stronger together buff x 2

No change:

shield mastery
thick hide
hit and run
unearthly endurance