The Banner Saga
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Bored at the beach without access to BS2 I decided to replay BS1 but instead of a perfect save I decided to do a Dastard playthrough leaving the dredge to shame in Rook's path of destruction.

Permissions and credits
Save Details:

  •  Day 122.
  • 652 Renown.
  • 166 clansmen
  • 280 varls
  • 82 fighters
  • Difficulty never changed from Hard
  • ALL battles were fought.
  • Rook and Hakon are level 5  (I did a solo run in both caravans unless forced to take companions)
  • 3 days of supplies

  • MORALE never dropped to bad. I barely slept but had to renounce to several
  • rewards in events to keep it high and farm random encounters.
  • No famines. Once i hit 0 supplies during the siege at boersgard but hakon arrived to the rescue in time. (same as above).

I killed everyone possible and never let anyone join, all events and decisions were the most optimal for the situation, like i.e getting morale +40 instead of a crappy lvl2 item(hogun event).
During events I prioriticed renown.
I reloaded a lot to get the random events I wanted.


  • Egil was killed by dredge at the beggining leaving alette alone.
  • Hogun and Mogun were killed by evil rook for supplies.
  • The caravan was split to save supplies.
  • Stayed inside Frostveller. The gates were breached with Iver to save days.
  • Recruited Onef and assaulted the food supplies getting item and extra battle.
  • Ekkil executed by rook in front of alette. His men left naked to freeze to death.
  • No female archers. No Nid. Technically she never joined ¿Eaten by dredge?
  • I fought at the bridge 2 days then destroyed it and killed Fasolt.
  • Abandoned the baby dredge.
  • I sleept at the lake town for the fights.
  • Onef killed by alette.
  • Sigbum eaten by dredge.


  • Recruited Griss to kill him properly in BS2.
  • No Eirik, he is not death yet.
  • Bersi and Yrsa dead in battle.
  • Mogr died in battle.
  • Gunnulg dead by cart.
  • Human troops sent to their deaths.
  • Onef killed by alette.
  • Punched Ludin at every oportunity.
Chapter 7:

- day 1: set krumr as general to save skogr lifes
-day 2&3: ash mead fight
-day 4: Krumr died defending the walls.


I killed ludin but I want him in BS2 to have more decicions,  I will provide 2 versions of the save.
Evil doesnt mean stupid. Rook took beneficial decisions for material gain and for morale.