The Banner Saga
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Perfect Save Game I got while replaying the saga preparing for the bannersaga 3, check description.

Since I took the time to do this I decided to upload it for everyone.

Permissions and credits
You can now just import to BS2, no need to intall BS1. Just download rook or alette to play as her.

Save Details:

  •  Day 119 in Boersgard just before picking the shooter.
  • 737 Renown.
  • 727 clansmen
  • 374 varls
  • 263 fighters
  • Difficulty never changed from Hard
  • EGIL is alive and so is EKKILL (I killed Onef before his treason in the save file)
  • ALL battles were fought, even those exclusive (I went back in time in the save)
  • Enough Kills to level everyone
  • Fasolt is level 5 to be able to equip an item for BS2 (other people too now. I forgot an achivement)
  • 33 days of supplies
  • No crappy Items (a couple from statues)
          -namej ring x3
          -sapersky stone
          -sightless man x2
          -stravs wetstone
          -five stones necklace
          -bjorg av leander x3 (fasolt has 1)
          -ash mead
          -puzzle box
          -vadun silver botch

  • MORALE never dropped to bad. I barely slept but had to renounce to several rewards in events to keep it high and farm random encounters.
  • No famines. Once i hit 0 supplies just hours from reaching wyrmtoe, not sure if this cancels the achivement. (same as above).

I recruited everyone possible and never let anyone leave, all events and decisions were the most optimal for the situation, like i.e getting morale +40 instead of a crappy lvl2 item(hogun event).
During events I prioriticed recruiting>battle>resources
I reloaded a lot to get the random events I wanted. The only good event i missed is the one that gives back the stolen supplies with some kids.

  • Stayed outside Frostveller then played chapter again with same save and stayed inside. The gates were breached with Iver to save days.
  • Recruited Onef and assaulted the food supplies getting item and extra battle.
  • Before leaving the city I restarted the chapter and stayed outside fighting dredges.
  • I recruited ekkill as a free man
  • Recruited the female archers
  • I fought at the bridge till the end
  • Saved the baby dredge
  • I sleept at the lake town for the fights
  • I killed onef before his betrayal to keep Egil and Ekkil alive (variable in the save file)
  • Sigbum saved
  • Played chapter 7 twice:

Chapter 7 A:
- day 1: set krumr as general
-day 2: houses for clansmen
-day 3&4: ash mead fight (only fought the battle once but got both rewards by sneaking with oddelif)

Chapter 7 B:
with the variables set for the caravan well being I fought at the gates x4.


I did modify the save file several times to go back to several locations and visit locked events but I never added resources.

This save file is technically totally legit if RNG allowed for it and Rook wasnt a retard.

The events unlocked and the parts revisited are logic sensible and in chronological order.

No event or battle was played twice they were replayed a lot to get better results though. (I reloaded a lot until I got 15 enemies minimun, no injuries and a item in wars)-injuried heroes affect troop casualties-

All the content tha game has was played or fought with these exceptions:

- Caravan ambush (it kills onef too soon and you need him to get ekkill)
- Destroy the bridge battle (non sensical with other choices)
- Repel dredge in chapter 7 (non sensical with other choices)
- Docks turmoil (non sensical with other choices)