Thea: The Awakening
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With this mod your constructed buildings will give periodic trainings to villagers, raising skills.

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Constructed buildings (mostly all of them) will trigger a periodic and random event. Depending on what you have constructed - you will get several options to train 3 random villagers in relevant skills. Only villagers hosted inside the actual village will receive training.

Event is repeatable and skills can stack on a single villager if you are lucky. You can witness it around 2-3 times in 15 turns, sometimes. That is by design, as training is done this way in real life as well.

I won't tell which building does what, find out for yourself. Trust me - with this mod it actually makes sense to have various buildings now.


Download the archive, extract all contents to root folder of your game.

Typically:  C:\GOG Games\Thea - The Awakening

Paste the contents of the archive in it. All files will be distributed in respectable folders automatically.
You can then check in Main menu -> event editor, whether you can see a new event section. Or just play the game.
Uninstallation - simply delete the files.


Should be compatible with everything, let me know if not.

All images were googled under open source license terms and all credits go to their authors, I do not own them.