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Some of the player made events from the Thea Event Forum before it was removed.

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These events were made by other players of the Thea Community and were originally uploaded to the Thea Event Forum. Since its removal these events have been lost to newer players so I have reuploaded them here for people to try.

**I was trying to get an image from each event but the game is being difficult and despite changes to make the events occur more often they aren't happening. I'll fix this when I can**

The different events:
Bandits are a common sight in Thea and your expeditions face potential ambush. Beware.

Raider Camp
An event location where Raiders have set up a camp and terrorize the area. They need to be dealt with.

A single event where some people come to your village looking for help to find something. Couldn't be anything bad, could it?

Rag Pile
A single event where your people spot a rag pile making noises by the edge of the village. Dare you check it?

Three events for the village where your people spot unusual caves and groups of people. Could these present problems?

Installing these events are as simple as downloading the respective *.rar file then extracting it right into your Thea: The Awakening directory. After that simply start your game and play. It's all done.

Credit goes to the players whom originally created these events (it has been a long time and names have been forgotten. If you made any of these events please let me know and I'll credit you or remove it if you don't want it up) and of course the greatest of credit goes to MuHa Games for making Thea: The Awakening in the first place.