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Adds a location at which you can re-roll your character portraits (or outright morph them into different units).

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The Problem: Thea offers a great variety of character portraits for your followers (almost 30 for each base class) but sadly no customization option. So you may want to play as Horos' army of darkness but receive only followers who look like the beautiful Lady Lada herself or vice versa.

The solution (at least the best I came up with): This mod places a new location in walking distance of your village after turn 1 where you can re-roll any follower. By re-roll I mean one random party member will get destroyed and you may then select a brand new one, so best use this right after receiving a new follower or all his leveling progress will be lost (but god bonus always applies)! I also did not go through the hassle to lock the new class to the old one or check for corresponding buildings in your village, so use this freedom of choice at your own discretion. Due to the missing building check I always apply the 10 points bonus from the buildings to the base classes. I also add 10 points to the medic because I found their stats extremely lacking when compared to the hunter.


If you want to keep game balance: Keep your stating party as is (that is if you mind the 10 extra points for base classes and medic). If you get a new follower put him alone in a new party and move to mod location. Upon entering he or she will be automatically sacrificed and you can pick a new class. Repeat this process until you get a portrait of your liking.

If you just want to have fun: Ever wanted to command a legion of undead with Veles or become a true goblin leader as Horos? Now you can. Again move a party with one follower to the mod location, upon entering he will be destroyed as usual. Now select the blue god specific line and from there pick anything you want. But be aware that this is outright cheating so I would recommend to only trade units of equal strength (so no gatherer for an avatar). I also tweaked several of the more elusive options with extra points so nothing should be significantly weaker than your normal starting followers. I do not see how to easily remove points so dwarfs and elves are still the powerhouses they used to be.

If you want to remove the mod from a running game: Move a lone follower to the mod location and choose the disband option. Caution one random follow will still be destroyed so better use a spider or something similar.


Download archive and extract or copy directly into root folder of your game.


Remove the "ChosenOnes.mod" from your "Adventures" sub-folder.


I am aware that a clean portrait picker should be possible (read copy all character stats and paste to new unit, but the new unit would still level differently which is also not perfect), but with the limitations of the in-game mod editor it just seems too bothersome. Anyone who likes may feel free to modify this mod to their linking.