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Fallout 4 Creation Kit Beta and an Important Notice to Survival Testers

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Mod authors, and those soon to be... the wait is finally over. The Fallout 4 Creation Kit has been released in open beta! This means that everyone can finally get their hands on the software used to create the game. These tools will allow us much greater power and flexibility with which we can continue to expand the Fallout 4 universe.

There’s mention of mods being available for console players soon as well. I’d say more but I’m just as excited to get into the mix as you are. So here’s the info:

For those of you that have been participating the Fallout 4 Survival beta (not to be confused with the Creation Kit beta), you will need to once again update your Nexus Mod Manager (0.61.20) as the game’s method of managing plugins has changed again behind the scenes.

Download the latest version of NMM at with the following link:

Please note that due to some remaining issues we are having during the migration to HTTPS, the download from the "Install NMM" link will not deliver this latest version. So for the time being, use the link above until we can fix this. Thank you for your patience.

After updating and ensuring your plugins are enabled in the interface, you should be good to go.

If you aren’t using NMM or and still wish to enable mods manually, please note that the usage of the plugins.txt file has changed. Though it's still located in your %appdata% directory (i.e., something like c:\users\sirsalami\appdata\local\fallout4), it no longer contains references to core files / dlc plugins. Also, you MUST add an asterisk (*) before the entry for each modded plugin. For instance, a properly enabled plugins.txt file will now look something like this:

# This file is used by Fallout4 to keep track of your downloaded content.
# Please do not modify this file.
*Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch.esp
*CMPA +150.esp

We’ll be updating the wiki to reflect these changes, accordingly.

It’s important to note that while the Creation Kit supports uploading your work directly to, which seems to be very heavily geared toward end users and console enabled mods, authors will be in no way restricted from distributing their work elsewhere in the same manner they always have. Your creations will always have a home here.

So, this is what we’ve all be waiting for folks. Go get the kit and get your hands dirty! Though I have a few ideas of my own, I absolutely cannot wait to see the creations you come up with. It’s like a great vault has been opened, or something. ;)

Good luck, and happy modding!


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  1. SpcSpectre
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    The Creation Kit keeps crashing

    Creation kit 2.0 has stopped working

    and it just stops, no error code or anything... anyone else have this problem?
    1. LadyEdith
      • member
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      yes. it is the worst thing ever.

      they do update regularly... but no it's not you... its' the software

      and it tends to crash when I try to edit dialogue with an npc and the player

      What are your specs?
    2. Reacher96
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      yep its always (not responding) so i wait til it starts going again its very buggy
    3. deathcrow89
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      LadyEdith this is the exact same problem I'm having with the creation kit right now. I know this is a few weeks old but I haven't been able to find a fix wondering if it has been fixed for you
    4. evillicious
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      Same here.
  2. deathcrow89
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    In response to post #38834895. #38854715 is also a reply to the same post.


    Mine crashes at the same spot Deathcrow89. Is it like this?:

    ya basically that's it. expect I go thru the quest and try and add my dialogue and it crashes.
  3. vMadara
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    program stopped working when we make a date options to load a game : (
    1. deathcrow89
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      I get crashes any time I try to edit dialogue and quests for an NPC/ Follower and cant put out a mod because of it so I'm basically screwed
    2. SythisWoW
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      Mine crashes at the same spot Deathcrow89. Is it like this?:
    3. Quince99
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      I experience similar crashes when trying to type in numbers (as opposed to using the up/down arrows in the dialog boxes) into the Scale box, Spline thickness/tension, time of day to affect render window... Pretty much anything where I try to type in anything - hugely frustrating and was hoping for a fix by now.
  4. SpoiledCabbage
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    Fellow scrublords, if you need tutorials on how to operate the G.E.C.K. go look up ones for Skyrim's Creation Kit as the two share many basic functions.
  5. fossmana
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    This may be helpful. I launch the Creation Kit through Launcher. It is available through the Bethesda website. Creating an account is mandatory. It crashes a bit, true. I believe that is why it is still in beta. I have created a mod with the kit. It is not worth sharing.All of the 50 or so other mods, acquired before the kit was released, are still working. I use NMM and have all the latest updates. At one point I had to deactivate and reactivate each mod manually per instructions given by NMM. I have not logged in since Thursday May 19.
  6. TobyWanKinobi
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    Application Error 0xc0000142 is what i had but now i think the program worked itself out and it works, only thing now is when i try to enable dlc's it make my game crash, do i have to enable it or is it already enabled, also i made no changes to my ini files or anything, and mods work fine after 1.5 patch but its just the enabling dlc's thing that crash my game. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. bben46
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    @crimsondeathbane Nexus does not support PS4 mods. And currently has no plan to support them. Only Is going to support mods on PS4. And they have not opened mods to PS4 yet.
  8. Syeeb
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    Question about the CK, The creation kit crashes anytime I try and open up a companion npc, FO4 is now up to date but the same thing keeps happening. I was able to load an exterior area and in the render window. But when trying to open the npc file for Cait, it just crashes the CK. Is this a common problem or am I missing something?
    1. LadyEdith
      • member
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      I also have this problem.

      I have advice but not an answer

      This tool is tempremental. It does not like unexpected actions.

      so if you make a mistake or do not know what you are doing it can crash easily

      it expects you to know everything about creation kit which is frustrating because
      there are few resources available..

      I follow youtube videos to the t and still get crashes.

      It seems almost unusable at this point to me...

      If anyone is NOT having any crashes I'd be interested to hear
      your specs and also if you have mods installed.

      Vanilla installation might make it more stable? i have no clue.
  9. crimsondeathbane
    • member
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    For those that do know how to mod, i play on ps4 i would love a mod that expands the world, if you guys can do that it would be awesome. Add some dungeons and stuff also more places to explore and new items to get, thanks ahead of time.
  10. literalgarbagerat
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    there is no plugins.txt for me. i go to users and click the file with my user, and it doesn't have a fallout 4 folder and no plugin.txt folder. do i need to create one or is it located somewhere else?
    1. TakezoDunmer2005
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      If you had to use your admin privileges to open your game/steam then it would be under that admin account that you used to run the game/steam as it's considered an elevated process...