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XCOM 2 mods have arrived! NMM XCOM 2 support added!

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The first batch of XCOM 2 mods have been uploaded! The addition of these mods marked the launch of  our new XCOM 2 Nexus Site which includes file, image, and video shares as well as a forum for anyone looking to talk about XCOM 2 modding.

One of the great things about modding is the wide variety of additions that authors create and these mods are no exception:

Free Camera Rotation by wghost81 is a retooling of her excellent and well implemented mod for Enemy Unknown that unlocks the camera rotation and is configurable via .ini edits.

Witcher Character Pool by DzjengisKhan provides the first character replacement mod, featuring Geralt and friends from the Witcher! So. Awesome.

The folks over at Long War Studios, known for their expansive and heavily praised mod XCOM: Long War, were given early access to the XCOM 2 SDK that has enabled them to bring us three mods on launch day:

SMG Pack adds 3 new sub-machine guns to the game. Great for close encounters, when a pistol just won’t cut it.

Leader Pack adds new perks to the Guerrilla Tactics school, allowing leaders to buff their entire squad.

Muton Centurion Alien Pack brings a fearsome new class of alien mid-campaign, that features the classic Enemy Unknown ability “War Cry”.

Additionally, thanks to 2K’s consideration and of course, DuskDweller’s tireless efforts, Nexus Mod Manager now supports XCOM 2, effective immediately! This of course includes one-click downloads, intuitive mod management and more. You’ll be prompted to update next time you start NMM. If you haven’t tried this powerful free tool yet, learn more at our download page.

Those of you looking for more information about creating XCOM 2 mods can start by downloading the SDK from steam, found by selecting “Tools” in steam library search bar. Documentation is included the folder: Steam\steamapps\common\XCOM 2 SDK\Documentation. For more direction visit our forums where graciously, Amineri, long time Nexus member and part of Long War Studios is offering her expertise.

Given the quality of mods for the past XCOM titles, it’ll be very exciting to see how quickly things develop for the XCOM 2 modding community. Not only files, but contributions to our forums like Amineri’s will help ensure the community thrives.

Thank you for your continued support! Have a great weekend, Commander!


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  1. rodiercz
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    please can you make mod that will turn off rounds limitations?
    1. dwhite25
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      Why? It's an important tactical point in the game. It forces aggressive play. Keep in mind that:

      1) Soldiers are supposed to get hurt, so you're encouraged to have a pool of soldiers to rotate through
      2) Not all missions have limitations on the number of rounds
      3) The missions that do have limited rounds do so not only for strategic purposes, but also thematic ones. There isn't much point in disarming a bomb that will never go off anyway, for instance.

      That being said, the SDK is available for download to anyone who wants it, so you can always read through the notes and make this mod yourself.
    2. lyubohar
      • supporter
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      Adding time limits to almost every mission in a game, which is supposed to be about trying different tactical approaches to a mission, is ridiculous. It actually limits aggressiveness in terms of trying new tactics; it rather forces you to play each level in exactly the same way - the one that proved to be the most successful in the previous level. It's just too risky trying new things. It was fun in the previous two games where it wasn't overused; this time around it is present in like 50% of the missions, and these are not all bomb missions. The in-game rationale of using time limit in many of these missions is also lame.
    3. stochastic42
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      I mostly agree, although you can't say it limits aggressiveness because it forces it.

      In nearly every mission you are forced to play the same way. xcom 1 got it right by having the terror missions where you were forced to play aggressively to save people but the rest you can at least _try_ to minimize losses. Yes you are supposed to take injuries and losses but that doesn't justify forcing a single play style (and even a specific optimal team comp and skill selection in many cases). Unfortunately removing the timer alone is a poor solution because it leaves two problems: That difficulty is balanced towards having a timer (becomes too easy) and that cover/overwatch is so strong in the game it will generally still result in only one playstyle namely moving to cover and overwatching the entire team every turn.

      In order to fix the problem they need 2 changes. 1: remove timers from most missions. 2: better AI so that once aliens detect you they attempt to surround the group and attack all at once limiting the 'camping in overwatch' strategy. This way every strategy has significant advantages and disadvantages and would allow far more variety in effective playstyles.

  2. Mochitan
    • member
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    Hi! has anyone found the fix for VIPs and your character pool? nothing i do or search bears fruit
  3. haloteam4
    • member
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    When ever i open modlauncherwpf it says i need steamworks open.

    I have a cracked xcom2 btw
    1. RobbyMagnus
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      I also have this problem
  4. voxk01
    • member
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    I downloaded mods via the manager and enabled them but they don't appear within the game?
    any help?

    *nevermind. Didnt see the thingy in the launcher.
    1. Firestorm333
      • member
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      Er...I could use some help. How do you make it work?
    2. verath7396
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      Go to Binaries\Win64\Launcher in your game folder and execute the ModlauncherWPF.exe tick the mods you want to use, close it and launch the game normally.
    3. agentplatypus
      • premium
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      installed / activated mods via the NMM, and when I open the "ModLauncherWPF.exe" file, there are no mods listed. After checking out some YouTube vids on modding XCOM2, I'm being lead to believe that these check boxes only load if you install your mods via the Steam workshop. @verath7396 Are you sure that there are supposed to be mods showing up in this area if you're only installing via NMM and not via the workshop?

      Woops! Currently running a cracked copy of the game (the FitGirl Repack) and realized that I had set my XCOM 2 game location to the cracked binary's location "...\XCOM 2\NoDVD\sam2k8\Binaries\Win64" instead of the typical Steam install's game directory "...\XCOM 2\steam\steamapps\common\xcom 2".

      In other words, if you're running the FitGirl Repack, make sure your NMM shows the "XCOM 2 Mods Directory*:" on the "XCOM 2" tab in Settings as "...\XCOM 2\steam\steamapps\common\xcom 2". Once I had rediscovered / reassigned the game's location, I uninstalled / reinstalled each mod, ran the ModlauncherWPF.exe, checked each box, hit Play, immediately quit, then ran the executable file created on the desktop by the repack installer. Then BOOM. All mods are finally working. Sweet sweet victory.
    4. mobin13
      • member
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      And I'm still having issue activating the mods! I have downloaded and installed them, but they don't work. And just note that I'm using a cracked version because can't but the game because my country is under some sanctions and etc!
  5. Derwing
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    Would you please stop a flow of characters packs? Its completely insane, place it apart or something, its a way too much of that already. Not to mention there is nothing 'moded' in such packs.
  6. RedTieGuy
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    I'm absolutely loving the camera rotation mod. It makes the game so much better