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The Goddamn Stuttering Fix + More

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First and foremost , the  Engine.ini  edit worked for me but some deviations may occur due to different hardware specs so i can't fortify if the fix will work 100% for you peeps or not.

Instructions :-
 - Go to  C:\Users\(user-name)\AppData\Local\TheAscent\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor\   ;

 - Here you'll find  Engine.ini  , Open it ;
 - Copy the following text in  Engine.ini  


  *should be below to whatever was in the .ini file see uploaded file for example
 - Save the file and set it as read-only by right clicking on the  Engine.ini  properties.
Due to the way UE4 works , more strain will be put on your hardware and may increase loading times. (on a HDD) 

As assets are now being loaded with the level instead of being streamed previously which caused stutters for some users.


Many other commands can be applied from here for more user customization and preferences of graphical settings not available in-game.

Here are some examples from the uploaded file :-

r.SceneColorFringeQuality=0                                   (Disables Chromatic Aberration)

r.Tonemapper.Quality=0                             (Disables Vignette Effect)

r.LensFlareQuality=0 (Disables Lens Flare)

r.Tonemapper.GrainQuantization=0(Disables Film Grain)

 *don't copy the text highlighted in ( )

If you want you can also copy the text below to render the game at a higher resolution and downscale it to your native one as the option available in-game is limited to values from 50% - 100% render scale :-
r.ScreenPercentage=200         (Will effectively render 2x the res of 1080p i.e 4k)

 *this can be very taxing if your system isn't powerful enough and , don't copy the text highlighted in ( )