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An enhanced Cyberpunk lighting Reshade for "The Ascent".

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This Reshade will make your "Ascent" world feel more "Blade Runner 2049".  This Reshade enhances the lighting in-game. Colors in the game world will be more vibrant. Atmospheric lighting will seem more intense. "True Cyber" will enhance the dreary, dystopian look of the buildings, streets, alleys, vehicles, player outfits, lighting from storefronts, weapon effects, and explosions. "True Cyber" will also enhance your cutscene cinematics.
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I'd like to thank the following people that have supported, and followed me over from my Cyberpunk 2077 Reshade work.
I'd like to thank:
OlyrdRekidansavior007AizenTaisho90LittleCloudxJLobstermagicxWanhedaNyNyulagunrivnyugijaBurntBiscuitmoonsdevilEmperatrizViviMoonJuiceCelt43, and Wogboii3ggi3

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