Test Drive Unlimited 2
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alter handling of most cars gives more grip less fish tailing

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- description

Test drive unlimited 2 a pioneering open world racer, this package contains
predominately handling tweaks to the .cpr game files.

The adjustments have been made to most of the available cars with the excellent
tdudec by Luigi Auriemma and give a bit less twitchy handling, specifically
acceleration but also cornering is modified.

Small note if you are using a gamepad take a look at the
'controller configuration' image this also plays a part in some what
more stable handling of the cars.

The main file is Physics.cpr so if there are some issues
just use that file.

- install

This mod alters game files thus...
Make a copy of the following files in the test drive unlimited 2 folder


Then install the mod...

Copy the contents of the zip file to the install folder of test drive unlimited 2,
the folder which contains TestDrive2.exe.
The folders 'org' and 'util' do not need to be copied.
'org'  is to rollback if something goes wrong
'util' is if you would like to tweak for your self

tdudec.exe is optional (used for encrypting / decryption the cpr files:

- verify

You should notice a bit better handling if not try restoring the
original .cpr files

- tested

Tested with version of test drive unlimited 2 on win 7 / nvidia 1050gtx ti
tdudec has version 0.1 and is, as far as I can tell no longer in development.

- performance

No measurable performance impact registered on gpu or cpu (i5 6600t).

- further tweaking

If you like you can alter the .cpr files by using tdudec to decypt them.
Best practice:
- decrypt the orignal <filename>.cpr file to <filename>.dec.o
- decrypt the original again to <filename>.dec
- modify <filename>.dec
- encrypt the modified <filename>.dec to <filename>.cpr
- if needed compare the <filename>.dec to the <filename>.dec.o
- tweak and encrypt again