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Revamp of Fonts in TES:Arena.

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TES:Arena ReFonted
By ArtInPinkerton (aka Pinkertonius)
Version: 1.0


The Elder Scrolls: Arena (under DOSBOX)


I always disliked the fonts used in Arena. This is mostly because the fonts were too low resolution for how fancy they wanted to look (3x3 to 8x8 pixels at best). I had never considered even being able to change them. Then Hallfiry released his Arena Modding Suite (mainly for editing files in the BSA) with an added bonus, a font editor. Arena isn't very friendly to dramatic changes in font size, so it took some tweaking. Tweaking spacing and style to look consistent too a little time. Ultimately, I felt there are in a decent shape (enough to release at least). 

NOTE: Not all visible text in the game is actually from a font file. Some of it is actually part of the image background (e.g. the Character sheet stat names). Additionally, although the game has 10 font files (.DAT), there are only 4 that are used in game. At least that how many I have found. Those are the following:

Font_a.dat = Character Creation Menus

Teeyfnt.dat = Character Creation Generate Questions, Inventory & Spell list, Character name

Arenafnt.dat = Character Creation (region selection), Dream sequence, floating message text, some pop up text boxes, spell text, inventory
info text, and more

Font_s.dat = Map notes


1. Place the included files into Arena root directory. 
2. Put away that magnifying glass. 
3. Enjoy a more legible Arena...full of letters and words and such.


1. Copy the files from the "original" folder and copy to the Arena root directory
2. Scoff at my dismay.
3. Brace self for pixely lettering.


Only place in top rack of dishwasher. Doesn't work with Betamax. 

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1.0 Initial Release


I can be reached here, on the Bethesda forums (under "Pinkertonius") or at 


Thanks to Bethesda Softworks for developing Arena and providing it free to the masses.
Thanks to Hallfiry/Hellfire2079 for making the Arena Modding Suite

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