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Fixes three graphics loaded during the intro after selecting NEW GAME. This includes the correct generation of Uriel Septim on slide 1, punctuation on slide 5 and logic on slide 9.

Permissions and credits
TES:Arena IntroFix
                  By ArtInPinkerton (aka Pinkertonius)
                                                                  Version: 1.0

The Elder Scrolls: Arena (under DOSBOX)

After posting on my website about editing the art in TES:Arena, a reader requested a small fix. It turned out that there were a few errors in the slides that show when you start a new game. Slide 1 erroneously listed Septim the 4th and not the 7th, slide 5 had a comma in the wrong place and slide 9 either was missing a apostrophe in "Emperor's Guard" or it should have been "Imperial Guard" (I opted for "Imperial Guard" as it matched the beginning slide.  

1. Place all three files in the Arena root directory. 
2. Marvel at how Uriel Septims Great Grandfather no longer steals the spotlight. 
3. Place Goblins on end of sharp pointy thing!

1. Delete the Intro01.img, Intro05.img and Intro09.img from the Arena root directory.
2. Enjoy time traveling relatives again. 

This file is tailored to TES:Arena specifically and is 100% incompatible with Call of Duty, XCOM, Civilization, You Need a Budget, and anything made by Steven Seagal.

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1.0 Initial Release

I can be reached here, on the Bethesda forums (under "Pinkertonius") or at www.artinpinkerton.com. 

Thanks to Bethesda Softworks for developing Arena and providing it free to the masses.
Thanks to Brucoms for developing the TES3....errrr TES1 Readme Generator this readme was made from.
Thanks to Dysperia for creating the ArenaToolbox that allows editing Arena's compressed images.
Thanks to Hallfiry whose Arena Tool Suite for motivating me to renew modding Arena and creating an easy way to access the BSA files.
Thanks to Milli Vanilli for blaming it on the rain.

Other Arena Projects
Arena Depixelization Project (ADP): Texture overhaul for Arena...see www.artinpinkerton.com for more info
TES:Arena Remapped: Modern controls for a 1994 game...see http://www.nexusmods.com/tesarena/mods/1/? (yeah that's mod 1 alright)