The Elder Scrolls: Arena
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Includes a GlovePIE script that makes Arena mostly playable with an Xbox controller.

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You'll need GlovePIE to run the script.

I only tested this with an Xbox One controller.
If you're a lefty like me, and your mouse buttons are swapped, there's a version for you too.
Feel free to tinker! It's mostly self-explanatory, except for the auto-run.

Here's the layout:

A                   accept, interact
B                   cancel, save menu
X                   draw/sheathe, drop
Y                   jump

Back                rest
Start               inventory, spells

Up                  journal
Down                status, switch tabs
Left                local map
Right               world map

LB                  hold to strafe
LT                  cast
RB                  use item/potion
RT                  hold to attack, cancel steal

L stick             move
R stick             mouse

L stick press       toggle auto-run
R stick press       steal