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This mod includes everything needed to blank-out the various parts of Arena's character sheet. Uses include large custom portraits, and the ability to take clean shots of equipment.

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Blank-out mod

Copy IMG and/or CIF files directly into Arena's directory to blank-out various backgrounds and sprites on the character sheet.

This won't cause any permanent issues. If you wish to uninstall, simply delete the files.

On portraits:
With everything blanked-out, the race background images can be repurposed to create massive character portraits. I've included an example image, a palette file, and links to the tools necessary to convert your own images. Note: the left portion of the picture should be pure black.

Preview images are for illustrative purposes only. There is NO art being distributed with this mod.

For archivists:
I've included both near-black and high contrast green backgrounds, so you can easily create transparent images of the different parts of the paper dolls. RGB values are given.


  • fixed a transparency issue