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Stonekeep Restored allows you to play through the lost level of Stonekeep. It was a bit tricky getting this to work, so please excuse any oddities. Being that this level was never released, there are bound to be bugs I've yet to discover. I may or may not be able to fix them.

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You've found a back entrance through a waterway. Unfortunately, you won't be able to leave the way you came. You'll have to work your way through the caves and the keep. Someone sent before you to retrieve the parchment never returned. Perhaps he's become one of Golthog's blood slaves. Be sure to look for him.

Just plop the files in Arena's directory. You may want to make a backup of 39699021.MIF.

Where the heck is Golthog?
There is an enemy who you'd reasonably guess stole the parchment, but he's probably just one of Golthog's minions. The map is unsurprisingly unpolished. We can only guess at the race, or even species, of the necromancer; and I've chosen not to sub in a vampire, because this is supposed to be the first crawl outside the Imperial Dungeons.

  • Updated with newly discovered information on map editing
  • Descriptive text added